Better driving with MagneRide already in the fourth generation

Better driving with MagneRide already in the fourth generation

MagneRide technology, which has almost 20 years behind the neck, is now in its fourth generation. What exactly does MagneRide 4.0 do?

Maximum comfort – MagneRide 4.0

Cadillac’s MagneRide technology has a direct impact on driving comfort by adjusting the vehicle’s suspension components in real time to respond to changing terrain. In fact, with MagneRide 4.0, this takes it to the next level, improving on a number of sides.

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According to Cadillac, these are the biggest changes to the MagneRide system to date, and will improve performance and on-road comfort for the 2021 Cadillac CT4-V, CT5-V, CT5 Sport and Escalade. As Thomas Schinderle from the company said:

With MagneRide 4.0, the world’s fastest performing suspension system is now even faster. Combined with the award-winning rear-wheel-drive architecture of our sedans, the result is two of the most responsive sports sedans on the market.

MagneRide is an active suspension system that uses electromagnets and magnetic fluids to customize the nature of the shock absorbers. Accelerometers on the wheels read the road up to 1000 times per second, resulting in the proper adjustment of the magnetic charge in the fluid, which adjusts the shock absorbers almost instantly, allowing the car to respond well to different surfaces and curves, and increase road grip. all the time.

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Every aspect of the previous MagneRide system has been improved in the fourth generation. These include new accelerators in the wheel hubs, an airless measurement unit that processes changes four times faster to increase accuracy, new water temperature maps, new flow control for a more stable and accurate change between returns and squeeze, reduce the friction of the absorber and the new application. and equipment.