Big and “don’t drop”: Jeep Gladiator is the dream of every Jeep driver!  – Portal IN – Pompeu Vasconcelos

Big and “don’t drop”: Jeep Gladiator is the dream of every Jeep driver! – Portal IN – Pompeu Vasconcelos

In addition to its beautiful design, the Gladiator attracts attention for what it can do off-road. Photo: Jota Pompilio

Offered by Jeep per week, On the Road tested this machine on the highway and over the hills in Paracuru (CE). Beach, only for cowards, people. Connected? Well, the pickup has a specially designed suspension, brakes, gearbox, engine, tires and steering wheel. in this residence to guarantee you complete safety and comfort. In the middle part there are two gearboxes, automatic and 4 × 4. When you turn on the tension, aiming at the hill, you become like a child exploring it.

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On board, the Gladiator brings a lot of technology and a manual transmission just for towing

Like the Fighter, the Gladiator just climb the wall. Here in Ceará, if you are mistaken, it even grows on coconuts. I went to a place where a few “thinking 4×4 cars” don’t take the risk or manage to get there. Gladiator went through rocks, rocks and depressions like a model on a catwalk.

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This performance is possible thanks to its four-wheel drive that provides power and tracks obstacles thanks to its wide tires. On board we have options 4×2 and rear wheel drive, 4 × 4 at high speed (with the special condition of climbing more hills), section 4×4, 4 × 4 with neutral reduction.

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You want Neto

“Jeep Gladiator brings the pure DNA and authenticity of the Jeep brand, brings new technology to the country and comes to serve Off-Road enthusiasts. It is a versatile and safe vehicle, designed to offer adventure and freedom,” he reveals. Willem Neto, manager of Jeep “Newsedan da Rogaciano Leite”. For an authorized dealer, according to the manager, a high cost to take R$ 499.990,00. “But we have a promotion price $424.990,00”he highlights.

To give you more security in rough and heavy roads, the Gladiator has a separate front and rear lock. Additionally, the front stabilizer bar can be split to increase suspension travel by 30% and keep the wheel in contact with the ground. In practice, all this means is that he will be faced with a terrible pit without any effort.

The Gladiator roars loudly and picks up speed with ease, but because it is picapona of 5.59 m In the long run, it doesn’t seem to be going as fast as it is. Ah, the bucket carries 1,000 liters of cargo!


Under the hood

Jeep Gladiator has an engine 3.6 V6 and petrol. They are 284 hp, in other words, above the standard limitation of 200 hp for the part. Torque is 35.4 kgfm and it’s nice to hear the roar of the V6 petrol engine.

The steering is heavy, befitting its size and durability. The eight-speed automatic transmission is top-notch: very quick to shift and reset, but with smooth and almost imperceptible shifts.

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