Big Volkswagen discount: here’s how to get it

Big Volkswagen discount: here’s how to get it

Volkswagen has decided to meet its customers with an attractive offer that will help in a small way in sales.

The Volkswagen Group is one of the strongest in the world, with the German giant trying to increase its sales more and more. This means that in the last period some proposal has been launched to be able to buy Golf eTSI.

Volkswagen Logo (Source: Adobe)

May 2023 will be very profitable for future customers of Volkswagen. To buy a new hybrid Golf, a big discount has been launched that will allow you to save even more 2000 euros.

The starting price of this German car will be 32,100 euros, but for the discount that will be used for the whole month of May, you will only pay 29,782 euros. All this can only be done when deferred payment is accepted.

To start the procedure, in advance more than 6,450 euros will be required, the real problem with this discount. For this must also be added an additional payment of 345 euros, which corresponds to the opening of the case.

However, problems come at the end of all these small phases that will be postponed for 35 months and from the cost of 279 euros each. In fact, to benefit from the discount, it will be necessary to pay the maxi installment at the end of 35 months. 18,677.70 Euros.

This is a program to consider, especially after evaluating the value and performance of Golf eTSI.

Volkswagen Golf eTSI: engine, price and features

A version that has been reduced in price and more 2000 euros from Volkswagen and Golf based on a hybrid model. It is actually a car that puts a 1000cc engine with 3 cylinders.

We are dealing with a 5-seater car with a length of 428 cm, a width of 179 and a height of 149 cm. Not bad in terms of engine power, it’s actually a touch capable 110 horses, bring its maximum speed 202 km / h.

The acceleration was provided by the parent company a 10.2 seconds switch from 0 to 100 km/h. The car is also well known in terms of fuel consumption, due to the fact that it continues 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Volkswagen Golf eTSI (Source: Adobe)

The car can be purchased as a three-door or five-door and is a front-wheel drive vehicle. We are definitely dealing with a car with more than acceptable performance and the discount is a good incentive. Who knows if these qualities will also make it possible to overcome the “danger” of the maxi phase.