Bill Nighy shared the good news with fans

Bill Nighy shared the good news with fans

The famous British comedian and actor has no plans to say goodbye to his career. Nighy, 72, announced in a recent interview that he has no plans to retire — either in the short term or in the more distant future. The star of “Harry Potter” and the comedy “This is Love” suggested that he would appear in front of the camera even if he lost his full balance, and would be satisfied with small roles in small prestigious productions. “If I can speak my lines sitting down, maybe they’ll hire me somewhere,” the BAFTA award winner said sheepishly.

Bill Nighy is among the true veterans of the film industry. The great British comedian and actor, who made his debut on the stage and on the big screen in the 1970s, in the last five decades has created several memorable and highly appreciated creations. International popularity Nighy however, he won only in his 50s when he appeared in the cult romantic comedy “That’s Love.” The role of a stupid rock star Billy Mack brought him the fame he deserves and the BAFTA award. It didn’t take long for Hollywood to claim the British, making him a true specialist in criminals – enough to mention Davy Jones the ghost, who played in “Pirates of the Caribbean” or the cruel Viktor from “Underworld”.

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Although in December Nighy he is 73 years old, and has no plans to prepare for retirement. As he revealed in an interview with “The Independent,” fans are not worried that they will stop watching him on the screen anytime soon. The star of “Harry Potter” assured him that he would appear in front of the camera even when he lost his full balance, and he would be satisfied with small roles even in less prestigious productions. “I’ve never heard anything good about retirement, so I have no such plans. Fortunately, you can do my job as long as you can stay fit. Well, it doesn’t even have to be that way. If I can deliver my lines sitting down, they’ll probably hire me somewhere,” he said softly.

Despite old age Nighy cannot complain about the lack of academic challenges. This year, the star appeared in the science fiction series “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and the drama “Living”. The actor who played a government official dying of cancer admitted that he is not a fan of Lee Strasberg’s acting style, famous among Hollywood stars. According to NighyYou don’t have to completely transform into the character you play to create a believable creation. “The actor doesn’t have to feel all his emotions. It’s just a job. If someone suggests to you that acting needs to feel whatever is shown on the screen, you’re dealing with a helpless person. You don’t have to be in mourning to play someone who’s good,” he noted. (PAP Life)

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