billion dollars for V8s

billion dollars for V8s

Despite its transition to electricity, General Motors is not ignoring what made its success and the confidence of its fans: the big V8 engines. The American group announces a billion dollar investment plan for the development of a new generation unit.

The electric wave It has affected all producers in recent years, and in all continents. In EuropeThe European Commission and its objective ban warming by 2035 accelerated the electrification of the array. Which involved even less than five years ago especially diesel and gasoline blocks. Agree, the transition was long, but now volkswagen, Renault, Stellantis or Volvo they have developed motors, platforms and electric models worthy of the name. In addition to the first examples of heat converted to electricity. In the United States Also, President Joe Biden has encouraged the transition to this energy, with significant investment from the government. But for a The country traditionally focused on large models and the engines they deserve, the operation is more difficult than it seems.

Slowly but surely

Less extreme than in Europe, the country’s technological change seems to be finally starting. Ford was the first change its best-selling F-150 image (it was the first model to be sold in the region in 2022) for all electricity. General Motors, which served as a precursor to the Bolt (and the EV1 from the late 90s) is also good. His Silverado it has also entered the EV mode, and SUVs have proliferated. Equinox and Blazer for Chevy, Hummer EV for GMC. Lyric and Heaven for Cadillac.

But the largest car manufacturing company in the country (regained its name stolen by Toyota in 2021) has not said his last word with thermal. Up to the point of announcing today the investment plan of billions of dollars devoted to the development of V6 and V8 engines ! An idea unthinkable in France or Europe! These blocks have been the subject of massive witch hunts for several years now.

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Thermal has not said its last word

For details, This billion will be used to design and assemble the engine. Only in the manufacture of mechanical parts. Therefore, 579 million will be injected into the factory in Flint (Michigan) to produce a new lightweight V8 block. Another 216 million will be given to various factories of the group that supply Flint with mechanical parts. The remainder will be used for other blocks assigned to General Motors brands. With such a decision, GM made a wise choice. That of not rush to his historical aficionados, still attached to their good old heat engines. However, this should not be seen as an obstacle for the group in its strategy to distribute electricity. By 2025, General Motors will do just that invest 35 billion dollars in electric technology and freedom.

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