Black Volkswagen Tiguan stolen in Waalwijk, registration PK-387-G

Black Volkswagen Tiguan stolen in Waalwijk, registration PK-387-G

Example Tiguan (2017)

Photo: Commons Wikimedia

WAALWIJK – On the night of Monday 13 to Tuesday 14 June, a car was taken from Spoordam in Waalwijk. Spoordam is located between Eerste Zeine and Noorder Parallelweg. The characters were targeting a black Volkswagen Tiguan, registration number PK-387-G. This has now been identified. Do you see this car? Do not hesitate to call 112. Refer to PL2000-2022153055.

Do you have more information about the theft or do you own camera footage? Please let us know. Call 0900-8844

Criminals may be using an unfounded method

A keyless entry is a system used by modern cars, so that the owner does not have to press a button on the remote control at all times to unlock or lock the car. You just need to carry a remote control or key with you. When you get inside the car area, the key will be recognized by the car and it will open automatically. This system makes it very easy for criminals to unlock a car without a key or damage!

How do criminals work?

Because keyless entry systems use a key vehicle that identifies the vehicle when the key is within range, this system is very easy to crack. Criminals increase the signal that the car key provides with a home or rented amplifier, the car unlocks without any problems or impact and there will be no alarm, so criminals have free will.

How do I protect my car against theft?

The cheapest way to protect your car from theft is to use a can. Keep your key at home. Or make sure no signals are sent in any other way.