BMW 220i – He understands

BMW 220i – He understands

Modern lifestyle, multi-use, sports, elegant design and driving pleasure as usual brand: The second generation 2 Series Active Tourer from BMW has made great strides in all disciplines related to this style and has therefore become a version of Very interesting in the premium compact component, Bavarians are certainly safe.

Indeed, a five-door car with a length of about 4.39 meters turns out to be faster than a conservative one. It is well-known for its dynamic appearance, LED headlights, a soft front mirror, 19er aluminum and a powerful bumper.

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BMW 220i Active Tourer

Price: from € 38,957 plus taxes and duties; Experimental price of the car € 58,762 including M Sport package € 3734, Innovation package € 3308, Comfort package € 1067, Travel package € 1969, Driving Assistant Professional € 2026, trailer hitch € 1054, -, head-up display € 654, – with alarm system € 533, -; a 2 Series Active Tourer (218i) is available from € 36,400.00 NoVA / rent: 7% / € 725.76 annually Guarantee: 2 years without limit, 2 years warranty, 3 years warranty through Service: every 30,000 km or every 2 years

Technical specifications:
Engine: R4, 16V, turbocharger, particle filter, 1499 cm³, 115 kW / 156 hp at 5000 rpm, maximum torque 240 Nm at 1500-4400 rpm Distribution: Seven speed automatic: front-speed 22 : / h Acceleration 0 -100 km / h: 8.1 s Power-to-weight ratio: 9.74 kg / hp WLTP Consumption: 6.2 liters VOLKSBLATT Test Consumption: 6.4 liters CO2 emissions: 141 g / km Euro 6d

Key data:
L / W / H: 4386/1824/1576 mm wheel: 2670 mm own / permitted. Total weight: 1520/2075 kg Trunk: 415-1405 liter capacity used / unused. 750/1300 kg tank: 54 liters (petrol) Tires: 4 x 225/45 R19 96W on aluminum 19 “

Control systems: ABS / EBV / ESP / ASR / BA / BSD / RSR / LKA / ACC / TPMS airbags: 6

In addition, there is a high shoulder line, facing upwards and a wide back end: This is how the concept of a conservative car draws the dull eyes.

Because even though BMW will call the car Active Tourer: comfort and everyday use are also among the power of the car. 415 liters of luggage space including electric tailgate, lower loading sill, loading floor capacity of 1405 liters. be sweet in a car for around 59,000 euros.

Of course, the BMW shamelessly earns an additional 20,000 euros through extensions – from the M sports package, comfort package, travel package, indoor camera, head display and alarm system. But that probably does not matter to potential buyers, BMW wants to hunt for the second generation of Series 2, especially from its competitors.

The concept of a five-seater space is based on the expertise of iX technology and attracts modern geometry and a standard and fully digital dashboard. Absolute Attractions: A standard curved display with state-of-the-art graphics and a fully-fledged 10.25-inch digital news display.

In addition, a floating hand-held resting section with integrated control panel, sound control for the sound system, large shelves and cup holders and a new type of smart phone shelf provide modern running comfort. What is missing, however, is a rotary-push controller, which for the first time no longer exists on the Bayern combustion engine.

This system was often copied but never synced – and now that is history. What does that mean for the operation of the infotainment system? Great change for anyone who has appreciated this feature for years – but fortunately the input screen and voice control works fine.

Technically, 220i has hangs. The 156 horsepower with 48 volt support brings 1.5 tons faster almost seamless through the front wheels. The seven-speed automatic works as smart and almost without shock.

Due to the low level of gravity, BMW also discusses high-flying currents and the steering wheel proves to be straight, accurate and easily operated. The 1.5-liter petrol engine is loudly blocked and proves to be unsuitable: in practice, it is 6.4 liters per hundred kilometers. Support systems also operate with confidence, such as brakes. The driving pleasure is thus guaranteed by 220i.


A successful round car. However, the base price is steep and the dowry series is relatively low.