BMW 3.0 CSL shows its design in an informal way

BMW 3.0 CSL shows its design in an informal way

( – Who knew that the M4 array could be very difficult? There is a competitive base and model, manual and automatic transmission, rear and all-wheel drive, converter and coupe. And the king of the series is still coming. End of year. If BMW launches 3.0 CSL as a tribute to the CSL format from the E9 era.

BMW 3.0 CSL Delivery (2023).


Although its predecessor – of which only 167 models were built – was a model for the purpose of marriage, today’s honor applies to a different purpose: 3.0 CSL The modern CSL is the culmination of this year’s BMW M celebrations as the performance unit celebrates 2022 anniversary.

The model, which has the most controversial kidney grill than any other M4 on the market, has now been released based on the first spy photos we saw at the end of last month.

Small volume and high price

The model had round ventilation in the style of M3 CSL (although the E46 only had one) with rolling wheel arches as well as a more flexible helmet.

The back of the car was equally impressive, with a roof overhead floating on the pope’s antenna. The hidden test drive also had a small wing on the trunk cover for further power reduction. Adjusted rear lights also focused on color blindness.

Same with the new BMW M3 Touring 3.0 CSL will not be available in every market either. In addition, the number of units will probably be reduced by only 50 units. These two factors guarantee a proud price of 750,000 euros. Uff.

There is still no information on technical data. Reportedly, it will be a clean rear-wheel drive with six cylinders in a line set around 560 hp with a six-speed manual transmission that provides power on the road.

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