BMW 5 Series electric storm

BMW 5 Series electric storm

TEST 8. And with this we have reached eight. Eight generations of the BMW 5 Series which has been rolling on the roads of half the world since 1972 and which now renews the challenge by proposing the latest variant of. A Bavarian model that will debut in sales Next October. As tradition dictates, the three volumes will be joined shortly thereafter by the Touring station wagon.

ELECTRICAL AND GREAT. The step forward is huge and the first feature to emphasize is that for the first time the BMW 5 Series offers a variant. full of electricity, which will somehow represent the backbone of the project. But let’s proceed in order. Well, compared to the previous 5 Series, a new model grows in size: height 9.7 cm (now more than 5 meters, 506 cm to be exact), wider by 3.2 cm and higher by 3.6 cm, while the wheel now reaches 299.5 cm, a new record value for the community. From an official point of view, the new BMW 5 Series remains completely honest to the BMW classic school and a large front kidney twice but not overly intrusive (if desired, the BMW Iconic Glow lamp can still be requested), while the headlights are combined into one eye group. The rear with flat L-shaped clusters divided by a chrome strip also resembles a luxury sedan.

BMW i5 M60

EVERYTHING CHANGES INSIDE. The passenger compartment confirms the remarkable leap of the eighth generation of the BMW 5 Series, with plenty of space, quality equipment and. new digital features. You significantly reduce the number of buttons and controls you use Curved display which dominates the event: it includes a 12.3-inch Information Display and a 14.9-inch Control Display. Additionally, the large display on the dashboard, similar to the 7 Series, also includes a touch-sensitive control panel for controlling so many available features. The passenger compartment is now characterized by animal skin-free upholstery: a clear sign of the new course associated with the sustainability of the seats, dashboard, door panels and steering wheel edges in a coating called Veganza that imitatesnatural skin effect.

BMW i5 M60ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY engine. As for mechanics, the “standard” version of the BMW 5 Series includes a variety of engines with more or less electric power. Let’s start with hybrid drives for 48V, included as standard with the new 8-speed Steptronic gearbox: European access versions, all 4-cylinder, yes 208hp 520i (from 66,800 euros) and 197 bhp diesel 520d (from 67,900 euros), the end also with xDrive all-wheel drive. During 2024, two plug-in hybrids and a new diesel will be added 6 cylinders in line.

BMW i5 M60ZERO EMISSIONS TRAFFIC BURNERS. On top of the offer for the new BMW 5 Series, as mentioned, there is currently the i5 full electricity, which will be found inside two dialects. The first, of i5 eDrive40 (from 74,400 euros), has an electric motor that transmits motion to the rear wheels: it offers 340 hp And 430Nm. Go from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds flat and reach a maximum speed of 193 km/h. Waiting for the real M, the i5 M60xDrive (Euro 100,200) is currently at the top of the pyramid according to 601 hp and performance, they argue in BMW, in line with m philosophy. Four-wheel drive is ensured by two electric motors, one at the front and one at the back, while by activating M Sport Boost or launch control, the torque generated by touching the two motors. Share 820 Nmallowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h internally 3.8 seconds. High speed is limited to electronics at 230 km/h.

BMW i5 M60FAST FILLING. In both versions of the BMW 5 Series electric, the batteries are placed in the lower part and have a capacity of 81.2 kWh. Autonomy (WLTP cycle) is included between 477 and 582 eg for i5 eDrive40 e 455/516km for the i5 M60 xDrive. If desired, the Max Range function allows you to increase them by 25% by reducing the power output and disabling some functions for the passenger compartment. Batteries can usually be recharged with alternating current up to 11 kW, which can be increased to 22 kW as an option. From electric poles continues to increase in flow rate 205 kWallowing additions of 10 to 80% in the sun 30 minutes. And in the course of 2024, another version of the i5 with an electric wheel drive will also be launched.

BMW i5 M60ONE STEP FROM INDEPENDENT DRIVE. The range of driving assistants for the BMW 5 Series has been rethought and expanded: standard, optional, ni Driving Assistant Specialist, which includes steering assistance, lane control and distance control and a stop-and-go function. In some countries, but not in Italy, where it is not allowed, it also includes Highway Assistant which, on the road or up to 130 km / h, allows the driver take your hands off the wheel and let the car manage itself. For lovers of the “wow” effect, there is no shortage of interesting accessories, such as Close-up mode, with a “light show”, and a glowing carpet. Or the ability to open and start the car and iOS smartphones And android and and Apple Watch. In the endless list of standard or optional equipment, there is a long series of digital content with the most accurate information on the charging network, orgaming in the car which gives occupants the opportunity to distract themselves with video games, perhaps during recharging activities.

AN M Plugin? This is currently “how much” anyone interested in the “regular” BMW 5 Series needs to know. For “real” M fans, all that remains is to wait, perhaps until 2025: for now, BMW is not going too far. The latest rumors would indicate one M5 plugin and the V8 engine decided to explode: 735 hp and a stable game system that doesn’t change. Welcome.