BMW and its registration.  The Bavarians think it’s a good idea

BMW and its registration. The Bavarians think it’s a good idea

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Some time ago, the world spread the news that BMW is planning, or has already initiated the registration of some features on its cars, including. for seat heating. Of course, it faced a wave of opposition, but the company is still standing and claims that it is a very good solution.

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More and more countries are slowly realizing this new Bavarian policy. Now UK customers will pay for heated seats. BWM claims that by 2030 subscription revenues could be as high as EUR 5 billion.

BMW told Bloomberg that its subscription services will allow more flexibility in its cars, for example, paying for heated seats only in winter. BMW won’t offer heated seats in the US, but BMW Functions and Demand offers the option of remote engine start. Other services may also come at an additional cost in the future, such as opening an additional one strength.

Not every manufacturer is open about registration. For example, Jim Farley of Ford said earlier this year that the heated seat fee was not possible, but they believe that the registration until 2030 could be worth $ 20 billion.

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Stellantis also believes that money can be made through subscription services. At the end of last year, the manufacturer cars launched a $20 billion software program that will develop future models for these types of revenues.

The registration, especially for electric cars, which will open up new features of the electric train, could completely change the way cars are bought and sold in the future.

Question So car manufacturers will put all the options on their cars in the hope that their customers will buy a subscription? Will customers who will never buy options have to pay for its tools? Time will tell how producers will handle this topic.

One thing is certain, many companies are planning to introduce registration, but so far BMW has been able to do so (with the basic function of heating the seats and steering wheel), which is why they have received a lot of opposition. Apparently, car configuration will become more complicated in the future.