BMW and Mini go vegan

BMW and Mini go vegan

The BMW Group follows a social trend where more and more people are walking around products of animal origin. That’s why the German manufacturer will launch vegan interiors for BMW and Mini models from next year.

press CO2

Leather-upholstered interiors are no longer perceived as ‘quality’ by many young, committed consumers. More car buyers are promoting a growing awareness of reducing animal products and raw materials because they want to slow down climate change in this way. BMW listens to such criticism and clearly responds to these market needs. The brand has been developing technology for decades to reduce the CO2 emissions of its products and now also has a real range of 100% electric products in its portfolio.

wear resistant

Because BMW and Mini do not want to abandon tradition suddenly, the group will also offer models with a so-called ‘vegan’ interior from 2023. A type of imitation leather will also be available, for example covering the steering wheel. It is important that these types of materials feel familiar and hard to wear like upholstery materials of animal origin. These materials produce up to 85% less CO2 compared to real leather. The biggest advantage is the absence of methane gases produced by animals. The processing of animal skins is also an energy-intensive process.

It’s not perfect

To be fair, BMW adds that the interior will only be 99% green. This is because certain dyes or coatings used to treat the plastic will still have traces of animal origin.