BMW Art Club 2022 in Nowy Teatr.  BMW supports the arts

BMW Art Club 2022 in Nowy Teatr. BMW supports the arts

An exhibition sponsored by BMW took place at the Nowy Teatr in Warsaw, during which the sculpture “Digital Grotesque III” by Michael Hansmeyer was presented. Guests invited to the event can also see the BMW 7 Series – a car that is scheduled to debut in December. The audience includes Monika Brodka, singer.

“Digital Grotesque III”, or BMW at Nowy Teatr in Warsaw

Good Morning TVN cameras came to Nowy Teatr to report on the BMW Art Club 2022 course – an amazing event for art and car lovers, during which guests were presented an unusual sculpture called “Digital Grotesque III”.

– This model contains a physical sculpture of Michael Hansmeyer, which is created by an artificial intelligence algorithm and printed on a 3D printer. and installation of 360-degree projection, which really shows us this creative process and introduces us to the interior world of this statue – explained Kacper Studencki, marketing director of BMW Polska.

As he added, BMW has been supporting art and culture for over 50 years. – In collaboration with famous institutions like Tate Modern, Guggenheim Museum and Albertina Vienna, but also with artists: Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons – mentioned the Student.

Michael Hansmeyer himself, the creator of the exhibited sculpture, could not be missed at the BMW Art Club. How does the author of the work see the influence of artificial intelligence on his work?

– We use artificial intelligence and it comes with forms like we see. I think that technology opens up for us, artists, various possibilities of creation, and algorithms show details that have never been done in art. Sometimes these are projects that are very difficult to draw. These are projects that no architect would come up with, admitted the artist.

Monika Brodka at BMW Art Club 2022

Not everyone knows that the famous composer, songwriter and singer Monika Brodka is a big fan of the automotive industry. So the star used the opportunity to participate in this year’s event organized by the BMW Art Club.

– I like fast, beautiful carts. I got my driver’s license when I was 18. Actually, I passed the test when I was 18, but I started the course earlier. My brother is very interested in the automotive industry and I think he transmitted this passion to me. I like when the car turns out well – the artist revealed in front of the camera.

At the same time, he highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in art. – This is an interesting topic, because art created by people is, of course, guided by talent, but also by individual sensitivity. Artificial intelligence does not have that sensitivity, otherwise it would be humanso (…) I am interested in what the artificial intelligence says – we heard the lips of Monika Brodka.

Main image source: Good morning TVN