BMW: Big plans – electric cars must be affordable

BMW: Big plans – electric cars must be affordable

Better performance, lower costs and less impact on the environment. This is what BMW wants to achieve with the next generation of batteries for the “New Class”. The group confirmed the rumors about the new battery cells, which in the future should be round instead of prismatic as before.

The high-capacity batteries developed by BMW contain less cobalt and more nickel and silicon than those used in the past. Another advantage is that the battery packs are placed in the lower part of the body, which saves on the elements.

As Chief Development Officer Frank Weber explained on Friday, the Munich-based company wants to increase energy density by more than 20 percent, charging speed by up to 30 percent and range by up to 30 percent. CO2 emissions during production should also be reduced. up to 60 percent.

However, Weber ruled out the production of internal cells, the technology is developing so quickly that it would be a brake on innovation for a small car manufacturer like BMW considering the large investment. The Group therefore continues to work with partners who are building two factories each in Europe, China and North America with an annual capacity of up to 20 gigawatt hours.

Agreements with CATL and EVE Energy as battery plant partners in China and Europe have been confirmed by BMW. A North American manufacturing partner should be finalized by the end of the year. The new circular cells will be used for the first time from 2025, when the first cars of the new “New Class” electric vehicle platform roll off the assembly line.

BMW faces weaker volumes compared to other automakers. The rapid rise in the price of raw materials also contributes to this. A battery that is cheap because of its design can be an important factor in reducing costs. Due to the electronic strategy, DER AKTIONÄR is optimistic about BMW in the long term.