BMW caught a fish out of the lake: as good as new again, it’s nonsense

BMW caught a fish out of the lake: as good as new again, it’s nonsense

It seemed like an impossible restoration, after this car was knocked out in the most unimaginable place of all. Fortunately the collectors who found it knew what they were doing, so they went ahead.

Over time we have seen many amazing restorations of supercars that really seemed lost with a slow decline at the mercy of the elements, rust and disuse but never like this. The protagonist of the story, a product of the house of Bavaria BMW that surprised everyone above all with the way and the circumstances of its truly absurd discovery.

They found this BMW in an unlikely place (Ansa) –

The car in question is popular BMW Z3, roadaster par excellence of the Bavarian brand in the nineties. Introduced to the market in 1995, the car quickly became one of everyone’s favorite convertibles on the old continent and abroad because of its pleasant lines, four or six-cylinder engine and simplicity of design.

It also happens with a car like that for…not having a good time. This example is true was found in the middle of the water after a terrible accident. Luckily the restoration guys knew what they were doing and somehow managed to get the car back on the road after a very slow and long labor that was recorded on video.

Beaten by a storm

The car ended up in a lake near the Florida property of its owner who had to abandon it after arriving of Hurricane Ian, the strongest American nation last year in the fall. The violence threw the car into the lake in front of the owner’s house and when the emergency ended they found it like this.

Finally the time has come for a BMW restoration (YouTube) –

Luckily the car did not stay in the water a very long time and it was not salt water that could damage the car parts more seriously, especially the inner and more sensitive ones. Restoration was needed however sensitive operation of cleaning from the soil and fresh water of the body of water, which has entered almost everywhere.

Every part of BMW has been carefully considered broken and repaired along with cleanliness, returning the car to operating condition. The value of a new car is around 30 thousand Euro so we are not talking about a big car. In any case, leaving it like that would be a ridiculous waste of a precious resource for any motorist, don’t you think?