BMW has a big problem.  And it is preparing two new models

BMW has a big problem. And it is preparing two new models

BMW has given attention to its two electric models. The campaign covers vehicles from nine months of production.

The reason for the recall action is a discovered manufacturing defect in the pull-out batteries supplied by Samsung. Damage to the production process can cause a short circuit in the battery, which can lead to car fire. The manufacturer recommends that vehicles should not be garaged and not used until the traction batteries are replaced.

The campaign is being handled as a whole 83 vehicles worldwide with VIN production dates between November 22, 2021 and July 30, 2022. The manufacturer has already notified its customers by phone about the situation, they will also receive a letter. Traction batteries will be replaced free.

At the same time, the Bavarian brand announces the arrival of two new models on the market. In 2025 Two brand new BMW electric cars are expected to enter the market. The first is to be a compact sedan and the second is to be a sports SUV. According to unofficial information, the electric sedan will be placed next to the 3rd class in the BMW range.

The cars will be built on the all-new Neue Klasse platform, which has been designed specifically for electric vehicles. At the moment, we do not have more information about the upcoming models of BMW, but we will definitely return to the topic.