BMW is investing in solid battery models

BMW is investing in solid battery models

The move will be made in collaboration with Solid Power, a battery specialist who is also testing the performance of the new solid state battery design.

Electrification in the car market started a new race for car manufacturers, now one of the goals is to make good batteries that help run many kilometers and safely. BMW is one of these brands, along with Solid Power, a German company investing in solid battery models, which could be a revolution in the market.

BMW will start production of solid batteries in the first half of 2023. The goal is that by 2025 they will be able to be in cars.


BMW’s intention is best expressed by the Powerhouse. The expert is trying to achieve unprecedented success in the market. Solid batteries can provide longer range, faster charge times, lower fire risk and lower cost.

Automakers and battery companies are betting they can achieve such breakthroughs by the end of this decade, but they still face major hurdles in proving that lab results can be scaled up.

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While searching for those much-loved tough batteries, BW never stops working with what he has on hand. The brand is strong in the electric market and has hybrid and electric models.

The novel that appeared on the global market at the end of 2022 was the BMW XM. The hybrid model has a V8 M TwinPower Turbo petrol engine capable of 585 hp of power and 76.4 kgfm of torque. together with the electric motor reaches a power of 748 hp and 101.9 kgfm of torque.

Models that carry the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission have sport, off-road and 100% electric modes. Powered solely by batteries, the XM can travel up to 88 km and reach a top speed of 140 km/h.