BMW iX range test, everything for Wallbox subscription

BMW iX range test, everything for Wallbox subscription

Journal of July 30, 2022
Register a wall box? No alternative!

Of course, the BMW iX xDrive50 exceeds its official range classification in the USA, but it can also be convincing in this country. We’ll also introduce you to all the upcoming electric cars and explain why you should register your personal box with a network operator.

Bucking the market trend, electric cars are currently registering an increasing number of registrations. Most consumers have a personal charging station set up at home when they buy an electric car. There is nothing wrong with that – on the contrary: If you can charge at home whenever it suits you, you can also travel independently with an electric car. However, charging devices, commonly known as wall boxes, have to be registered – and in some cases even approved. Here we will tell you why this is important and right, if individuals are at risk of bureaucratic overload and what happens to users of charging stations if they do not register their wall box at all.


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2019 VW Wallbox ID Charger


Yet VW boss Herbert Diess is known as a man who sometimes thinks “outside the box” and also communicates – perhaps one of the many reasons why he is forced to resign as CEO at Wolfsburg. One of his last projects and – according to his own statements – one of his personal favorites is “The Wanderer”. Behind it is a small house that, equipped with an electric motor and an autonomous control system, can move to a place of temporary residence completely independently. Want to know more (or even understand what it’s all about)? Then in this way – Uli Baumann describes everything known so far.

BMW operates a number of test sites: Aschheim and Maisach are located near the city of Munich, and Miramas in the south of France offers excellent conditions all year round and a mild climate. But if you want to develop topics like electrification, digitization and automatic driving, you also have to experiment a lot – which is why BMW is now opening a new test center in Sokolov. The area is close to the Czech city of Karlsbad and promises to be a real test drive Eldorado. Here we present the site in more detail – and all the other test centers that car manufacturers and dealers maintain around the world.