BMW iX with big mistakes

BMW iX with big mistakes

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From: Sebastian Oppenheimer

TV car magazine tested the emergency brake assistants in four cars in extreme conditions. The more expensive BMW iX in particular did not do so well.

If you believe the announcements made by some automakers, the fully self-driving car is not too far away. But more and more it becomes clear what obstacles have to be overcome on the way – especially at high speed. Special Tesla’s “Autopilot” is increasingly criticized – the end Tesla’s chief developer admitted to owning the promotional video. But the assistive technology already installed in production cars is great. Emergency brake assistants, for example? A TV car magazine has now tested them in extreme conditions that go beyond normal requirements – with disastrous results. In particular, the expensive BMW iX did anything but well.

Emergency brake assistants on the test: BMW iX with serious mistakes – “accusation”

For their test, experts from the program “Auto Mobil” (VOX) selected four cars, all of which received five stars for their safety from the consumer protection organization Euro NCAP:

  • Tesla Model Y
  • BMW iX
  • Genesis G80
  • Nissan Qashqai

The emergency brake assistants were tested in four different situations. The first one seems very simple: a pedestrian puppet enters the road of a 50 km/h car during the day. The beginning does not show any weakness: after five attempts, it closes in good time every time. “You can’t do it any better,” said one of the testers. Tesla offers one failed test, Nissan two. of bmw runs into a pedestrian dummy three times: Experts are surprised – because the car closes, but then releases the brakes again. “Why does it open again?” asks the surveyor. The result was “sad” because the Munich player could do it.

Emergency brake assistants on test: “It can do it, but it doesn’t always”

It looks very bad for all four candidates in the next test: You have to identify the kid in the bobby car and the brakes. The beginning always goes into the children’s doll, which apparently does not recognize. Tesla’s behavior is strange: It obviously realizes that there is someone on the road, but it still drives on the doll all the time. Nissan doesn’t recognize anything and also hits the kid with every attempt. The BMW does not recognize the child, but the car – but it brakes in good time. However, only once: In the remaining trials, he also runs over the child. “He can do it, but it doesn’t always,” said one of the “Auto Mobil” testers. That’s a “poor sign” in this price range, says the colleague.

In a TV car magazine test, the BMW iX’s emergency brake assist didn’t fare too well. ©BMW

In the pedestrian puppet test in the dark, everyone brakes in good time – albeit with varying degrees of severity. However Tesla without radar handles the situation. That alone BMW iX affords to drop out of school once again.

Emergency brake assistants in the test: the results are not very convincing in heavy rain

Then comes the final test: heavy rain on the highway is simulated. Despite the bad situation, it is important to recognize the sudden end of the traffic jam (in the form of an inflatable barrier) and stop in time. According to one of the experts involved, “difficult situation”. Here, too, the candidates do anything but well. The Genesis emergency brake assist does not respond at all – the car always encounters an obstacle. Even Nissan never brakes in time. of Tesla they react in different ways: sometimes they brake well, sometimes not at all – and sometimes completely late, which only causes a minor collision.

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By far the most expensive candidate – the BMW iX – was too late to brake and ran into the barrier. The bonnet also flies open – a function intended to protect pedestrians in the event of an accident. However, no pedestrian can be seen from far away. Experts’ conclusion: Tesla performed “very well” in the test, and BMW performed “very poorly”.