BMW iX1 xDrive30 – Convertible and fully electric

BMW iX1 xDrive30 – Convertible and fully electric

Unfortunately, the entry-level electric car from BMW is not only fully electric, but can also be adapted to the new Driving System 8. For example, recovery – that is, recuperation of energy during braking – works in a corresponding way and situations due to artificial intelligence.

This means that the car analyzes the driving data through the navigation system, the camera system and the driving assistants and automatically adjusts the magnitude of the decrease in driving conditions.

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BMW iX1 xDrive30

Price: from € 58,500 including taxes and duties; Test car price €77,148 / including innovation package €2605 and transport package €1430; BMW iX1 available from € 55,900.00 NoVA/tax: 0%/ € 1244.16 annually Warranty: 2 years unlimited kilometers (various service packages at extra charge), 3-year painting warranty, 12 years against corrosion

Technical specifications:
Motor: synchronous electric motor with a maximum output of 230 kW/313 hp (continuous output 200 kW/272 hp), maximum torque 494 Nm, high-voltage battery with a storage capacity of 64.7 kWh Transmission: Direct drive single-stage: all-wheel drive Top speed: 180 km/h acceleration 0 -100 km/h: 5.6 s WLTP range: up to 439 km WLTP power consumption: 18.1 kWh/100 km VOLKSBLATT test consumption: 20.4 kWh CO2 emissions: 0.0 g/km

Important data:
L/W/H: 4500/1845/1642 mm Wheelbase: 2692 mm Gross weight: 2850/2580 kg Trunk: 490-1495 liters Used/unused trailer load: 1200/750 kg Storage capacity: 64.7 kWh (electric) Tires: 4 x 245/45 R19 H on 19 winter aluminum

Control systems: ABS/EBV/ESP/ASR/BA/ACC/LKA/BSD/RSR/HUD Airbags: 6

Innovation also plays an important role in the interior design: the “floating” console is new, for example, in which the most important controls and the start button are placed as soft-touch buttons – the typical BMW rotary button of previous times . available on the new iX1 for free. But you quickly adapt to new requirements and you cooperate with them well.

The curved display, which starts behind the heated and multifunction leather steering wheel and extends to the center console, is also impressive. It creates an insulator with a dashboard and is not annoying at all.

The navigation system, radio, phone and dual-zone automatic air conditioning can be fully controlled using touch or voice controls.

In addition to heated seats in the front and back, a large sunroof, a new modern mobile phone holder with an intuitive charging station and HarmanKardon speakers complement the feeling of well-being in an electric BMW.

As expected, the electric motor also focuses on performance and driving pleasure, although it is limited to 180 km / h. With today’s mass traffic, however, high travel speeds are unrealistic anyway and usually not allowed.

The cruise control also offers the option of autonomous driving, but you should always have your hands on the steering wheel, otherwise the iX1 will prompt you to do so by flashing a signal on the steering wheel and also on the display. The 64.7 kWh battery promises a range of over 400 km.


The new BMW iX1 entices you into the power class. Well-known solid equipment (sometimes for an additional charge), perfect driving behavior including solid suspension and tasteful optics leave nothing to be desired. That’s what we call “Bavarian driving pleasure made in Austria”.

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