BMW M turns 50. The 9 most interesting cars

BMW M turns 50. The 9 most interesting cars

  • The BMW M3 E30 was the company’s first car to be developed alongside road and racing versions.

  • BMW M5 E60 / 61 was the first model in this series to receive a V10 and develop more than 500 hp.

  • BMW M has two options to its credit. Both are unique and intended to transport parts to the buildings of the Bavarian concern

On May 4, 2022, BMW M GmbH will turn 50 years old. It was one of the first to such an extent to combine the sports side of the car with practicality. You have hundreds of horses, but also thousands of liters of trunk. Not only does it have exceptional performance, but you also have a spacious interior with a (more) rear bench, which (usually) has a separate pair of doors.

Previously, no one announced this. The first road BMW M had two doors, impractical and with a small luggage compartment. It was called the M1 and, contrary to what its exterior might suggest, it did not have 12 cylinders, but only half of them. However, it created a legend that continues to this day. Are you ready for nine BMW M highlights?