BMW M2 Benelux Championship: Ten in a row for champion Maxime…

BMW M2 Benelux Championship: Ten in a row for champion Maxime…

BMW M2 Benelux Championship Cup: Ten in a row for champion Maxime Oosten

The hunger for success has not ended for Maxime Oosten even after winning the title. After a good start from a strong position, the 18-year-old Frisian rode this race to victory with no mercy on his rivals. Dirk Warmerdam finished second and Max Veels took third place on the podium. Unfortunately for the team Willem Meijer-Lorenzo van Riet, who retired from second place.

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Albert Jochems starts in the first race of the BMW M2 Racing Cup Benelux thanks to a good qualifying with pole vaulter Maxime Oosten from the front row. The whole field goes well through Haarbocht, but Jochems spins after contact with Max Veels in Ossebroeken and falls back to last place. Patrick de Vreede also spins shortly after after making contact with Jayden Post. Jochems caused it himself and the incident will not be monitored, the touché between Post and De Vreede is checked after the race but also does not result in a penalty.

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Fred Caprasse has a good first lap and moves up from thirteenth starting position to fifth. This makes him the fastest in the Belgian classification.

Maxime Oosten leads after the first passage, but does not let go of Lorenzo van Riet. In round 3, the difference is only 0.700. Dirk Warmerdam is third, ahead of Sandra van der Sloot. Jayden Post passes Caprasse and is fifth.

EDFO 20221029 1451EDFO6746.CR3 Axles Final Race 2022

Jules Grouwels is the fastest of the first-timers in tenth, Bart Drost is 12th and Ruud Olij 13th. De Vreede and Jochems should battle it out after their rides. De Vreede is slightly behind Olij, but Jochems has to close the gap of 14 seconds to his predecessor and that is very painful after his good position from the front row.

In lap 5 Max Veels also passed Caprasse. The Belgian loses a lot of space after his rocket starts and has to fight for his position. The post has hit a rock in Ruskenhoek and received a warning.

The leading two remain close together, Oosten still unable to break away. Warmerdam has to let go more than the two in front of him and is 3.6 seconds behind the leader in the East. Only in the ninth round does East manage to separate from Van Riet.

EDFO 20221029 1500EDFO6852.CR3 Axles Final Race 2022

Post his teammate many times past, Caprasse sees teammate Giovanni Scamardi pass him in front of the seventh. Grouwels in p11 gets a five second penalty for crossing the track limits too many times.

When the pit window opens in the middle of the race, the race is 13 laps in progress. Oosten now leads a comfortable gap to Van Riet of over two seconds. After 14 laps Van Riet comes to the pit stop with a driver change. At that moment, Oosten hits a pawn in Ruskenhoek and that gives the champion a warning flag. Once Oosten goes into the pits with his stop.

Grouwels continues on track and receives another five-second penalty, bringing his total to ten. Moments later he gets a flat tire and has to go to the pits.

EDFO 20221029 1452EDFO6755.CR3 Axles Final Race 2022

When all the pit stops have been made, Oosten is still in front, more than four seconds behind Willem Meijer who has taken over from Van Riet. Warmerdam is nine seconds behind. Meijer gets a drive through penalty for a hole that is too short and that seems to have taken the pain out of the race.

EDFO 20221029 1451EDFO6734.CR3 Axles Final Race 2022

Peter Claassen has taken over from Sandra van der Sloot, but has dropped back to eighth place behind Caprasse.

After his car through Meijer dropped just one place back to p3 behind Warmerdam, but both have lost contact with Oosten. He can travel to the end, but just keep up the pace and extend his lead. Oosten disappears on the horizon, after 24 laps his lead over Warmerdam is 19 seconds.

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Meijer has to close a five-second gap to Warmerdam and is more than half a second faster than Warmerdam per lap. With six minutes left on the clock and a gap of three seconds, the battle for second place is exciting. After his team-mate came back in the first lap, Rogier de Leeuw is now back in p10.

Two minutes before the end of the race, Willem Meijer drives slowly on the track, goes into the pits and falls out.

After 32 laps at the TT Circuit Assen, Maxime Oosten wins his tenth race in a row, 27.530 seconds ahead of Dirk Warmerdam. Max Veels takes third place on the podium with 39,849.

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Fred Caprasse crosses the finish line in fifth place, but falls one place behind Giovanni Scamardi, who is the best in the Belgian Cup thanks to his five-second penalty.

Equipe Meijer-Van Riet does not see a rewarding first round of the race, because of the pit visit and cancellations have been classified last time.

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Of the frontrunners, Ruud Olij is the best in twelfth place, directly followed by Bart Drost. Jules Grouwels’ puncture ensures that he finishes behind Drost in fourteenth place.

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In the BMW Cup, for drivers over the age of 45, the Claassen-Van der Slopt team wins ahead of De Vreede-De Leeuw and Jochems-Zwolsman.