BMW M3 CS: The new top flight from Bavaria with a heart from Upper Austria

BMW M3 CS: The new top flight from Bavaria with a heart from Upper Austria

If a car from BMW has an M in front of the number, it is – as we traditionally know – very fast. If this is followed by an abbreviation and a CS, it is usually worse.

Now it’s that time again and BMW presents the new M3 CS. The car “encapsulates the passion for high-performance racing in the upper middle class in the most demanding conditions,” says M GmbH about it.


The core is the six-cylinder inline engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology, which also forms the basis of the BMW M4 GT3 power unit for DTM. And the engine comes from the BMW engine plant in Steyr/Upper Austria. BMW proudly refers to the advanced technology built into the unit: the crankcase has a closed deck design without a liner, cylinders optimized for weight, a lightweight forged crankshaft, a cylinder base made by the 3D printing process, etc.

The 3-liter engine has an output of 550 hp and that is 40 hp more than the M3 Competition which is not weak at all. To get rid of the extra power, the engine management was adjusted and, above all, the maximum pressure of the two scroll turbochargers increased from 1.7 bar to 2.1 bar. The manufacturers explain, of course, without sacrificing stability and durability.

Driving performance is similar: M3 CS accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds, top speed is “limited” to 302 km / h according to BMW. That’s as race-friendly as the sound of the exhaust system, which is “obviously inspired by the racing atmosphere,” the developers explain. Keyword race track – this is also the function of M Drift Analyzer and M Laptimer intended, in which driving skills and performance on the track can be evaluated and recorded.