BMW M5 CS with 900 hp?  It is possible thanks to G-Power

BMW M5 CS with 900 hp? It is possible thanks to G-Power

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Tuned cars come out better and sometimes worse. If they come from professionals, mistakes rarely happen.

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One such specialist is G-Power, which took the BMW M5 in a smaller, lighter CS version for the workshop. From the outside, no one will mistake it for the BMW M series because the body kit and wheels help it stand out from the crowd.

Other body parts include a Venturi RR / RS bonnet with integrated air vents, a Dynamic rear spoiler and a carbon quad rear pipe matching the factory splitter and diffuser. Equally interesting are the new 21-inch gold, two-tone alloy wheels, contrasting with the factory Frozen Deep Green Metallic body tone. The router also retained the brown-gold finish of the grille, which separates the CS from the weaker M5 and M5 Competition.

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However, the most important changes came under the hood. The turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 benefits from a range of hardware and software updates. These include a new ECU tuning, forged pistons and connecting rods, a racing air filter, upgraded turbochargers and a Deeptone exhaust system.

As a result, the power has increased to 900 hp, and the maximum torque is 1050 Nm. The standard BMW M5 CS has 636 hp and 750 Nm. G-Power has also increased the top speed to 333 km / h.

Converting the M5 CS to the Hurricane RR configuration costs 119,000 euros. In addition to the G5M CS Hurricane RR, G-Power also offers slightly weaker (and cheaper) tuning packages for the M5 CS.