BMW measures the production of solid state batteries

BMW measures the production of solid state batteries

BMW will in his Center for Cell Reproductive Potential set up a prototype line for solid-state battery cells in Parsdorf near Munich based on Solid Power designs. This is done as part of a Research and Development License of the American company, which is now also confirmed by BMW.

As the next step toward long-term industrialization, Strong Power plans to supply “full-size cells” to BMW this year for automotive testing. These will come from Solid Power’s own production. The first show car from BMW with the technology is before 2025 arranged.

The increased cooperation offers “significant benefits for both companies, including the implementation of cell development and manufacturing activities in Solid Power and the BMW Group to further expand the know-how of the design and manufacturing process of solid-state cells,” said BMW. . BMW employees would work side-by-side with Strong Power during the installation of a prototype line at the Cell Manufacturing Excellence Center to improve cell manufacturing processes.

BMW does not provide information on energy content, charging capacity or cell composition. A press photo published by the Bavarian automaker shows a wallet box from Solid Power.

“BMW continues to work hard on the development of battery cell technology – a technology that we believe has great future potential,” said Development Board Member Frank Weber. “We look forward to working more closely with Solid Power. This allows us to manufacture solid-state cells based on Solid Power’s designs in our pilot plant. We expect that our new prototype cell line will accelerate our shared goal of bringing this promising technology to cells in the market.

In addition to the partnership with Solid Power, BMW refers to the already announced sixth generation of its battery cells. These are round cells with a diameter of 46 millimeters, which are used in platform cars new class it will be installed from the middle of the decade. These batteries should be 95 millimeters high in electric sedans and 120 millimeters in SUV models.