BMW motorcycle that will drive you crazy

BMW motorcycle that will drive you crazy

BMW is growing more and more in the world of motorcycles, but in the past it was ready to offer two wheels that have survived.

It is not easy to carry out a project associated with cars and motorcycles in the best way. Of course, there are many giants that have tried, but only a few have achieved the brilliant results of one of the most famous companies of all time: BMW.

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His name has become legendary in history, so much so that nowadays even in the motorcycle world it continues to set records after sales. The numbers for 2023 are exciting and no doubt his newfound success in Superbike is helping.

In the last World Cup there was no instant or wa Redding or Van der Markbut the announcement of Razgatlioglu for many it was like a bolt from the blue. One of the unexpected news so far and in Barcelona the 2021 Turkish world champion has already managed to get two victories, the first in Race 1 and the second in the Superpole Race.

A result that gives more hope to a team that witnessed 2023 in an unknown way and that needs to be better again. In the past there has been a dearth of classic motorcycles, with their vintage style that still sets enthusiasts’ hearts aflutter today, with auction houses looking to put some unique ones up for sale. BMW.

BMW K100RS: to be auctioned for a crazy price

Among the examples that marked the era, there is no doubt BMW K100RS. We are facing a model that was born in 1983 and in the 1980s represented one of the best Gran Turismos that could be bought at the time, so much so that it was able to remain on the market until 1991.

BMW K100RS new price event auction
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The motorcycle in question was 220 cm long, 80 cm wide, but it was above all the engine that seemed to be its real strength. In fact, the K100RS was fitted with a 1000cc four-cylinder engine, and this two-wheeler is powered by PSA Renault. Peugeot 104therefore cars.

A truly innovative choice for BMW which was trying to place its name in a very important way in the history of motorcycling on a global scale. The first engine of this K100RS was capable of producing up to 90 horse power and now this legend shines again to delight the hearts of horse lovers.

One of the most popular online auction sites is undoubtedly, with these offering a unique offering. BMW K100 RS from 1987. Over the years it has covered less than 7400 km, which means that its internal engine is still in perfect condition and is therefore not only a collector’s motorcycle, but also perfect for street use. The auction will end on April 18, 2024 at 8:56 p.m., with its current value of $5325, i.e. 4990 euros.