BMW Motorrad offers Akrapovič rear silencers for the BMW R 18

BMW Motorrad offers Akrapovič rear silencers for the BMW R 18

The BMW R 18 customization program is now enhanced in the form of Akrapovič rear audio controls.

The models, which are 97 mm shorter than the two standard rear controls, are made of stainless steel, painted in matt black and, together with a silver end cap that can be adjusted in 90 degree increments, are intended to provide a rear . of R 18 appear decided games.
The BMW style symbol – “propeller” – in the middle of the end cap acts as a special identifier. A heat shield attached to the multi-way connection area of ​​the rear sliding silencer protects the shoes.

BMW R 18 rear silencer with reduced weight

The BMW Akrapovič rear silencers feature the BMW branding in both end caps

With a total weight of 8.2 kg, the two Akrapovič rear silencers are 1 kg lighter than standard models, which in other words corresponds to 0.28% of the car’s weight.

There is no increase in dB(A) values.

The new rear mufflers should make the R 18’s already rich soundscape even richer and more dynamic. The question of volume remains – R 18, which sounds powerful however, has so far been socially acceptable and really does not need an additional sound amplifier. BMW Motorrad obviously feels the same way and says that the sound is not enhanced even with the Akrapovič rear silencers.

No registration is required

A separate entry in the vehicle documentation is not necessary for these rear silencers, since they were integrated with the vehicle.

Availability and Pricing

The price in Germany is 1,600 euros.

Text: Alexander Klose, photo: BMW

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