BMW now lets you pay monthly for options already on your car |

BMW now lets you pay monthly for options already on your car |

dhe auto industry borrows a page from the marketing playbook of the big tech companies. You no longer pay once for the product, but instead pay monthly. You do it these days with software, with software and often also with music or TV. So why not for your car?

Your car learns something new

Extras in the registration formula have long been on the wish list of many premium car brands. It is no coincidence that they were announced by Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Some first, timid steps have already been taken. Especially with cases that were run by software. After all, wireless updates make it possible to train your car with existing features, new functions and make them available through subscription. Advanced cruise control would be a good example of this.

Feel free to pay twice for the same

you have to pay every month what you already have

At the moment, most customers don’t seem to be happy with the extras of using a monthly bill. And yet BMW wants to be the next obstacle even in our country. From now on, BMW will not only offer new functions in the subscription formula. It also requires you to pay monthly for what is already in your car. Two big examples: heated seats and heated steering wheel. These can only be ‘released’ when the physical components (wiring, heated seat mats and steering wheel) have already been successfully installed in the car. Mainly: you have to pay every month for what you already have. As for the heated steering wheel, it is 10 euros per month, while the heated front seats will cost you an additional 18 euros per month. In other words: 336 euros per year. Or 1,680 euros for five years. For something you’ve already bought.

Like it or not, registration is coming

The fact that these car brands continue despite negative reactions from customers shows two things. The first one. The actual cost of those additions is minimal. The brand can afford to install them on any vehicle, whether used (leased) or not. Second, with those premium brands, they really don’t care too much about what the customer thinks. Whether he likes it or not, a profitable business model is coming.