BMW R1300GS: price, photos, technical specifications and everything you need to know – News

BMW R1300GS: price, photos, technical specifications and everything you need to know – News

In this article you will find every detail about the new BMW R1300GS product: from the new design to the price and technical characteristics.

October 2, 2023

La BMW R1300GS it was just presented – four days ago to be precise, on September 28 – in Berlin, at the new BMW Motorrad Welt. The new GS he has made and will make many people talk about himself in the coming months of 2023 and certainly in 2024. It is the evolution of one of the best selling motorcycles in the last thirty years where the real challenge for BMW was to improve a product that – for many – already bordered on perfection.

Our Perfect One told you from Berlin, while we, the editorial staff of, have presented you with a series of articles where it is examined in every detail. In this piece we summarize what GS has become with prices, pictures, technical specifications and everything you need to know about the BMW R1300GS

The new BMW R1300GS 2024: how it is made, price, technical characteristics. What a bomb! (VIDEO and GALLERY)


Lnew R1300GS it changes a lot aesthetically, you can see it at a glance, but the real differences are hidden under its clothing. Many new features on the technical side: displacement increases, torque increases and weight decreases. Telelever and Paralever, inevitable on the GS, become EVO, the radar appears and for those who want it, the adaptive suspension also arrives! But it didn’t end here…

BMW R 1300 GS, more powerful and compact engine, radar and adaptive suspension: how technology evolves


Sportability, smooth lines and a more aggressive character. The increased performance should also affect the design of the new R1300GS, which has been significantly updated thanks also to brand new lighting. Many appreciated the new style, others less so, in all cases we recommend seeing it live.

GS will be well received four editions, each with specific technical characteristics. Below we tell you everything.

BMW R 1300 GS, between thin lines and goodbye to asymmetric headlights: this is how the design changes.

From 1982 to 2023: the spirit remains the same

Pyears but behavioral style of GS remains the same. The all-new R1300GS has been delivered especially 100 years apart from the GS mother of all with a Boxer engine: the R 32.

From 1982 to 2023 and things have changed, but a solid core of enthusiasts makes itself felt even today, keeping the used market for the best-selling BMW alive. Below we retrace the history of the German legend.

BMW R 1300 GS, history of seven previous versions from 1982 to 2024

Will it beat the 1250?

Lfor the R1250GS was an international successThe public liked it mainly because of its main characteristics: know how to do everything well. As we said above, improving something that already works is a gamble, the fault is in the corner.

On paper, however, the new R1300GS It looks absolutely perfect and comparing the two models – new and “old” – comes naturally. In addition to gaining horsepower, torque and weight loss R1300GS He has a few tricks up his sleeve.

1250 vs 1300, how has the new GS changed?

It can already be configured

Pto anyone who likes it get R1300GS, or for those who are want to know to discover every little customization, the configurator is already available on the BMW Motorrad website.

The BMW novel starts from a base price of 20.850 euros, the cost of which can vary significantly depending on the equipment installed. Prices for the accessories aren’t available yet, but we still had fun setting it up and will tell you how it works.

Have you already set up the new R 1300 GS?

All videos and photos

DWe have seen pictures and videos of the new GS so many. We at have worked hard and we forgive you if, by chance, you have forgotten to read or see the content we have created.

From videos on Youtube, to the full gallery here on our website to the reels we’ve created Socially. All in one piece, and it’s down!

BMW R1300GS, all photos (and presentation video)