BMW registers MR as a brand – even more M from BMW?

BMW registers MR as a brand – even more M from BMW?

in BMW motorcycle most happened in October 2022. The two Beacons were: M 1000 RR and the new M 1000 R. Two extreme sports versions of the S 1000 RR and S 1000 R. The registration of a new wordmark for BMW Motorrad was not very visible or official: MR. .

This combination of letters was included in the German trademark register on October 14, 2022. And: In the press release for the M 1000 R, the project manager of the 4-cylinder series, Ralf Mölleken, also calls the motorcycle “MR” . MOTORRAD Online thinks there’s more to it and BMW plans to expand the M series. What could be possible?

M dissolves

With the M models, BMW Motorrad somewhat breaks its series nomenclature, because the S models become the M 1000 RR and R. So other street motorcycles such as the F 900 R or R 1250 R can also have M and many extras love In terms of boxer engines, this already existed: the HP2 series between 2005 and 2010 and the Enduro, Megamoto and Sport were basically the M models of their time. High Performance (HP) became Motorsport (M) – as it had been for BMW passenger cars since 1972.

BMW M 1250 R

The HP2 Sport, built from 2007 to 2010, was based on the long-distance racers from 2007 and these in turn were based on the R 1200 S that was still being built at the time. 1250 R and a chassis with an inverted Telefork instead of a Telelever, BMW could bring an M version. Or later, with the next step in the evolution of the boxer engine, like the M 1300 R.

BMW M 900 R

In England they already are, very close. With the F 900 R Cup as the classic motorcycle for the British brand’s cup, BMW wants to please the sporty base of women. Like the M 900 R, BMW can do this all over the world, even if they had to replace the inline twin with 105 hp in Munich to do justice to the M abbreviation.

M 1100 R

Even compared to the already mentioned M rumors, the idea of ​​BMW drilling a 999cc-4 cylinder is far-fetched. The current 999 cc shift-cam engine achieves the highest displacement for the WSBK and, thanks to variable control timings, has plenty of torque at low revs. However: Like the M 1100 R, the BMW in-line four would be very close to the V4 from Ducati with 1,103 cc.

Electricity MR

In the case of the BMW MR, a model name without reference to engine design or cubic capacity can mean: The first naked electric sports bike from BMW is christened as such. In early 2018, BMW showed a provider of ready-to-drive technology and when presenting the CE 04 scooter, electric models of the classic series until 2025 were announced. Like the top model MR, an electric BMW would be a good place.

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BMW Motorrad has trademarked the word MR protected. Two letters of great (suggestive) effect. It’s unclear exactly why BMW is protected by two letters, but MOTORRAD Online is thinking of expanding the M series with two wheels to a range of series and possibly an electric top model.