BMW reveals its new lighting technology

BMW reveals its new lighting technology

BMW recently unveiled a new technology for its headlights, called “headlight camouflage,” which allows the headlights to change color. With this technology, the headlights can adapt to the lighting conditions, increasing the safety and efficiency of the car.

For example, when the light is dim, the headlights can be set to emit white light to improve visibility. When the car is traveling at high speed on the highway, the headlights can switch to yellow light to avoid attracting other drivers. This technology is still under development and may be found on future BMW models.

BMW has filed a patent for a new “camouflage” light design that changes color. The minimalist look combines LED panels with active lights and shade-changing lenses. It is not yet known whether this technology involves the use of E-ink technology, which allows you to change the color of the car’s exterior. This novel is a breakthrough in the field of automotive lighting, which can improve the safety and efficiency of vehicles. There is still no information on when or on which models this technology will be implemented.

The front design of the car shown in the picture includes large panels that cover the front of the car and headlights. These panels can include additional features such as frosting and are made of pure polycarbonate. Since electric cars do not need air intake, the traditional front grille has become a decorative piece. It is not yet clear whether car owners will have the option to customize the appearance of the new front grille.

The car’s front light is formed by small patterns on the panel, giving it a grille-like appearance. (Photo: Gameplay)

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