BMW share information: BMW clearly loses 9.1 percent

With a minus of 9.1 percent, the BMW car manufacturer’s stock certificate is one of the biggest losses of the day. The value is currently listed at EUR 74.75.

Car manufacturer car park
is one of the most obvious losses of the day with a minus of 9.13 percent. Compared to the day before the closing of EUR 82.26 trading, it has dropped to EUR 7.51 to EUR 74.75.

Shares of car manufacturer started trading on Thursday at a price of EUR 75.60. The daily maximum is 75.93 euros.

On January 14, 2022, the maximum 52 week price for BMW shares was EUR 100.42 (25.6 percent higher than the current price), below 52 weeks was EUR 67.58 on March 7, 2022.

The unit had sales of 84.0 million euros as of 11:45 am 1,116,757 sheets were sold. At the time, 264,649 sheets worth 15.7 million euros had been sold the day before.

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