BMW shock: the i5 test, the best electric seller with 500 kilometers of autonomy

BMW shock: the i5 test, the best electric seller with 500 kilometers of autonomy

LISBON – After gaining more than 10 million first customers, the 5 Series turns the page again to present itself as completely new to buyers of what is now the eighth generation. The all-new family with two electric versions that in Italy joins the more traditional 520i and 520d using “mini-hybrid” technology, rightly suggested in the price list by BMW. The chassis platform and line are, in any case, the same for all models, confirming the 360 ​​° vision of the future market of four wheels.

Currently available as a sedan waiting to be joined by a station wagon next spring, the new 5 Series offers a line that is both elegant and modern. Even the two-character front kidney grille is back with more exaggerated dimensions than those seen recently, and it remains the air intake on the versions with the internal combustion engine. The new 5 Series is longer and wider than the previous generation, with a wheelbase between the front and rear wheels that is 5 millimeters shorter by 3 meters, for the benefit of interior seating capacity.

The electric i5s also arrived here first, with the rear-wheel drive eDrive 40 being offered from 74,400 euros with a 250 kW (340 HP) electric motor. Those who want to overdo it and put at least 106,200 euros on the table can consider the M60 xDrive, with all-wheel drive thanks to the added front engine and capable of producing 442 kW (601 HP) of power.

In both cases, with the necessary differences in terms of M60 equipment, the interior is almost futuristic, and the dashboard is dominated by a large complex formed by a screen of digital instruments and a multimedia system. The latter has been upgraded to a more advanced operating system with the possibility of using multiple applications and an intelligent navigator capable of scheduling based on traffic and i5 charging needs. The lowest certified range, for the record, is 497 km for the less powerful version and 455 km for the M60 xDrive.

The interior is finished with reusable materials and a synthetic leather called Veganza.

When driving, the i5s are at ease on the fast sections and on the road, with good acceleration even for the weakest of the two, which goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6″. Like a real car sports, the same goes for the M60 xDrive, which reaches 100 km/h from a standstill in just 3.8 seconds. Good road holding is combined with good handling, especially on the more powerful variant that has rear-wheel steering. Which helps to overcome the size and a long wheel, as usual enemies of the ease of driving in places full of curves and narrow roads.