BMW Stock News: BMW with a significant price loss of 7.9 percent

With a minus of 7.9 percent, the BMW car manufacturer’s share was one of the losses of the day. At the end of the trade, the stock price was EUR 75.78.

Car manufacturer car park
he was one of the losers of the day with a minus of 7.88 percent. Compared to yesterday’s trading end of EUR 82.26, it had dropped to EUR 6.48 to EUR 75.78.

Security went on sale on Thursday at EUR 75.60 and at the same time reached a daily daily level of EUR 76.12.

At 24.5 percent, BMW shares were below the 52-week high, which is 100.42 euros. Accessed 01/14/2022. The minimum 52 week price is from March 7, 2022 and is 67.58 euros.

As of 5:45 pm, sales and shares reached 177.9 million euros and 2,362,978 shares were sold. Meanwhile on the previous trading day, 1,625,628 shares valued at 96.5 million euros were sold.

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