BMW X3 (2025): The new X3 will be more angular and digital

BMW X3 (2025): The new X3 will be more angular and digital

introduced in the early 1960s bmwnew class” on the market – the middle layer that bridges the gap between 700 years and 501 should fill. A successful car for the crowd was the bmw that time necessary for survival; today the brand is in a good position and reports record results even in times of crisis.

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In 2025, BMW wants another “new class“, which, as before, stands in the middle, especially for the electric one 3 – and to the next X3. And it’s no wonder it runs again like the i model.

BMW relies on electric and combustion engines

The Munich-based company focuses on automotive diversity and does not just want to make battery cars. It’s not really a problem, because while BMW has been using combustion engine platforms until now, “new class” In contrast, electronic architecture that can also have combustion engines.


Anything but more subtle: the rear of the new BMW X3 also has many corners and edges.

That makes sense to him X3that two cars of the series are produced at the same time – because BMW does not want to do without classic combustion engines. During the iX3 that is, it uses new electronic technology, with the sixth generation of eDrive drives and 800 volt high-speed technology (allowing up to 350 kW charging power), gasoline and diesel engines will remain true to the original CLAR system.

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The platform will be further developed, but it will probably keep four and six cylinders, which are currently between 180 and 510. hp bring to the street. Then there are plug-in hybrids, two versions of which are expected. Even the M variant of the future should not rely only on gasoline power, a six-cylinder supported by electric motors and at least 550 can be ignited. hp.

The new X3 can start at 60,000 euros

Visually, new X3 after the fat generation, they are angular again – and with big kidneys. The dimensions should not change much, it remains close to 4.75 meters in length. Also a profitable offshoot of the coupe X4 should remain loyal to BMW.


The interior can be compared to the large SUV iX, clean and with big displays.

Inside, the number four X3 is more digital, many extras such as heating or assistance systems can be purchased later through software updates. The cockpit should be based on the E-SUV iX, in a smart style and with XXL performances.

How much the new X3 will cost when it hits the market in 2025 is currently hard to predict. This starts now SUV for a good 53,000 euros, but in three years it can already reach the mark of 60,000 euros.