BMW X7 after facelift.  The new SUV will not have the powerful M series diesel

BMW X7 after facelift. The new SUV will not have the powerful M series diesel

This article was originally published on 4/13/2022.

An expressive front, a powerful presence and a new interpretation of classic BMW design elements. These are just some of the quotes from the newly released press release BMW X7. One thing is certain. Shortly before the premiere of the 7 Series limousine, BMW begins to introduce customers to the completely new design of the front of the car. It remains an open question whether the breeding process will take centuries, years, months or days. Apparently, it was decided that before the PREMIERE of the representative sedan, the X7 should be released as an external station.

The BMW X7 is an SAV. Not an SUV!

In addition to fashion, Germans focus on one thing. They are proud of the rich equipment of their large SAV (according to BMW’s nomenclature, the new X7 is not an SUV, but a SAV, i.e. Sports Activity Vehicle). So we get adjustable LED matrix lights at no extra cost (low beam and high beam are placed on the lower row and daytime, parking and turn signals on the upper row), variable air suspension, front seats of fireplace, seven seats, panoramic glass roof. and real wooden decorations. With all-wheel drive and an 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission. The new BMW X7 will leave the American factory on 20-inch wheels. So much for standard equipment. For customers for whom 20 inches is definitely not enough, something bigger has been thought of. The options list also includes 23-inch wheels. Price? It is not known yet.

The many options beyond rims and tires have not been forgotten. Additional charges are required, among others Active steering, active lateral tilt stabilization, trailer driving assistant, driving assistant, glass roof lighting and rear seat heating, armrests and cup holders. The BMW X7 will also feature a 5G connectivity module as part of the eSIM personalization option. With this so-called smart assistant to help you activate additional payments in your car. Will it really be needed? A similar question can be asked when considering the additional charge of a large illuminated grille. In other words – the kidneys and their own light.

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BMW X7 – diesel remains, but without BMW M

It is important that little attention was paid to the engine. At the top of the X7 M60i xDrive range, a petrol V8 (4.4 l and 530 hp). For those who don’t need a V8, the X7 xDrive 40i (380 PS 3.0 petrol) or the X7 xDrive40d (352 PS 3.0 diesel) can always be used. Regardless of which version of the BMW X7 you choose, you’ll always get an 8-speed Steptronic transmission and all-wheel drive (BMW mentions more rear-wheel drive). And there will always be a smooth hybrid technology with a 48V installation, which means an additional 12 HP and 200 Nm. There is no word on the M series diesel.

In the list of new things, it is impossible to ignore more assistants to help the driver. BMW boasts improved collision protection for cyclists, pedestrians and oncoming vehicles (additional protection when exiting and opening doors) and automatic speed limit assist. The BMW X7 can also transform and drive autonomously up to 200 meters. The car also detects traffic lights as part of the optional package with Active Stop & Go cruise control.

It remains an open question when it will be possible to spend time looking at all the additions and helpers. Currently, BMW promises to introduce the car to the market in August 2022. And how will the availability be in difficult times for the car industry?