Bold: Land Rover Defender Valiance Convertible is a Dutch design (2023)

Bold: Land Rover Defender Valiance Convertible is a Dutch design (2023)

That housemate Niels van Roij doesn’t hate some Land Rover repair work has been known for a long time. He was also responsible for Adventum Coupe flavor, a Range Rover with a coupe jacket. Now the man is looking after the Defender through Heritage Customs. This time there is no derivative coupe but convertible!

It looks delicious

Because let’s be honest, a Defender 90 with such short wheels secretly begs for a soft top. However, you can’t get it for Land Rover at the moment. So then Heritage Customs is the best alternative. Everything behind the B-pillar was allowed to go into the bin with the roof mounted. It will be replaced with a fabric roof that opens and closes electrically. The boot lid was also modified (read half) to better fit the concept.

Because it is not driven to cut almost 50% of the car, a well-finished cage is also installed. This not only ensures safety, but also the rigidity of the body. Retro colors and natural metal complete the picture. Although that doesn’t have to be your final image, because the Defender Valiance Convertible is designed according to the customer’s wishes. From what we understand, 8 copies will be built initially, with a starting price of 85,000 euros (ex VAT). Although you still have to bring Defender 90 yourself. So it will cost you something, a Valiance like a Defender Convertible, but in terms of a collector’s item it can count!

Land Rover Defender Valance Convertible