Bonus for heating costs: boss sells Rolls Royce to his employees Regionally

Bonus for heating costs: boss sells Rolls Royce to his employees Regionally

An additional bonus for increased heating costs |

The boss sells a Rolls Royce to his employees

Quedlinburg – “Two pieces of good news in one week,” says Henry Thurisch (37) happily. First, an antiques dealer from the Harz Mountains sold a Rolls Royce to support his employees during the winter. Then the government played along.

“Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s announcement that employers can pay their people up to 3,000 euros tax-free was right,” an auctioneer and head of a large Saxony-Anhalt antiques store told BILD.

The income from the childhood dream goes into the warm savings of the workers

Photo: Uwe Köhn

The Quedlinburg family man (two children) wants to support his seven employees with a four-figure bonus each: “It makes a difference if half of it doesn’t go to the government.”

It is not yet clear how much actually ends up in the worker’s savings savings. Because after the “Silver Shadow II” (built in 1980), which the racing experts from “Schubert Motors” in Oschersleben (Börde) bought for 9000 euros at the beginning of the week, the second Rolls Royce (“Hooper” from 1994) is still waiting new owner.

Separation is not easy for Thurisch: “After the James Bond film with Gert Fröbe († 75) as ‘Goldfinger’ I dreamed of such a car as a child.”

Well, he wanted to give wedding trips through the Harz mountains in classic English cult cars: “But in view of the current crisis, that’s all nonsense, of course.”

In any case, his staff is overwhelmed by the move. “It’s not necessary, and most bosses wouldn’t go that far,” says employee Andreas Götze (59).

“Silver Shadow II” (8 cylinders) rolled into Oschersleben this week

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