Bonuses from car manufacturers are increasing.  In Porsche 9 thousand.  euros, and Ferrari 13.5 thousand.  euros

Bonuses from car manufacturers are increasing. In Porsche 9 thousand. euros, and Ferrari 13.5 thousand. euros

Porsche has said it will pay 27,000 employees in April bonuses of EUR 9,050 (about PLN 44,500) each. This is more than a year ago, when the employees of the company from Stuttgart received a bonus of EUR 7,900. It is also the highest bonus paid by a car concern in Germany this year. Porsche does not skimp on financial benefits, because according to News in Germany, last year’s profit of the company increased by almost three euros to 6.8 billion. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA, Porsche sales in 2022 will increase by 7% in EU markets alone. to 62.2 you. cars, while the entire Volkswagen Group, of which Porsche is a part, recorded a decrease of 5.2 percent. Additional bonuses were also paid for last year’s IPO of the manufacturer, with an offer of EUR 9.1 billion, the largest in European markets in a decade. Porsche employees received a bonus of EUR 3,000 each, while board members collected around EUR 10 million.

The highest bonuses for last year’s results are paid by Ferrari. After the Italian manufacturer exceeded all expectations in terms of sales volume and profit, approx. employees of the company from Maranello will receive a bonus of 13.5 thousand. euro (approx. PLN 63,200). According to Bloomberg, this is the highest payout in years, more than 12 percent higher than two years ago. The manufacturer has already raised its sales forecast for 2023, and according to CEO Benedetto Vigny, the order book is already covering part of next year. Mercedes will pay a solid bonus for last year. With an April salary of around 93,000. of its employees will receive a profit-sharing bonus of €7,300. This is 1,300 euros more compared to the 2021 bonus. According to, this year’s bonus is higher than the maximum of 6,465 euros. However, starting from the financial year 2023, a new bonus calculation method, based on the current management system, will be introduced.

Employees at BMW will receive higher bonuses than Mercedes, which will pay EUR 9,000 each. Last year, the Bavarian manufacturer acquired 2.4 million car customers. And although its sales volume turned out to be 10 percent less than the previous year, it was able to double the sales of electric cars. This year the share should reach 15 percent, next year it will be 20 percent. Employees can also count on increased dividends in the form of employee shares.