Book “ambassador of September”. Kościński: Anthony Drexel-Biddle did more for Poland than expected – Polskie Radio 24

“The Ambassador of September” is a historical and literary story about the terrible Polish days of September 1939 as seen through the eyes of the American ambassador in Warsaw – Anthony Drexel-Biddle.

Piotr Kościński highlighted the excellent relationship between the ambassador and the Polish foreign minister, Józef Beck. – From Anthony Drexel-Biddle he got more than he expected, including detailed reports to the State Department and the President of the United States on German behavior in Poland, bombing cities, and killing people. He also received money from the United States to help, for example, Polish refugees in Romania or to treat wounded soldiers, said the broadcast guest. – Anthony Drexel-Biddle experienced in Poland what “total war” looks like, in which the invader destroys everything, murders everyone – added the author of the book.

10:50 pm PR24 2022_09_11-22-05-55.mp3 Piotr Kościński on Anthony Drexel-Biddle (Polskie Radio 24 / Poczytnik)

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Anthony Drexel-Biddle was the US ambassador to Poland from 1937-1943.

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Program: “The Reader”

Leader: Tomasz Zapert and Krzysztof Masłoń

Guest: Piotr Kościński

Issue date: 11.09.2022

Hours: 10:06 pm

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