Bottas finally plays a major role in Alfa Romeo: ‘Certainly that plays a role’

Bottas finally plays a major role in Alfa Romeo: ‘Certainly that plays a role’

From wingman to the leader, so the transfer of Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo can also be demonstrated. The fact that he plays a major role in Alfa Romeo certainly contributed to his decision, says Bottas.

By Luis Vasconcelos

By name, Bottas is still a ‘factory driver’ in the automotive manufacturer and its switch to Alfa Romeo. In fact, he comes from the Mercedes champion team to number nine. Race that apart from the decoration of Alfa Romeo is still a small Sauber. However, according to Bottas, switching was the ‘best option’, and the decision was made on his own.

In his own words, Bottas told Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff that he did not even want to continue with the team if there was only a one-year contract in it again. However, Mercedes did not want to give him a longer contract. “Near the end of the summer of 2021 I decided that I had to think about myself. What I need in the years to come and what I enjoy in this game”, he explains in an interview with FORMULE Magazine 1.

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The Bottas’ decision to embark on a new journey at Alfa Romeo was in that general sense. “Fifty percent of my decision stems from the presence of Fred Vasseur,” he refers to how Alfa Romeo is run by a former Bottas team captain in Formula 3 and GP3. “I have known Fred for a long time and I know he can move the team forward.”

The fact that he has been awarded a long-term contract – reported for three years – also contributed. But there was something else – important – that contributed to the required percentage. “25 to 30 percent of my decision comes from knowing that I have an important role to play here. After all, I have more experience than my partner (rookie Guanyu Zhou, ed.)† So the team will look for me for car development.

As someone who for years like wingman is set down, and that word of hatred, is not that Bottas has been officially designated as number one. “It’s not like my contract says I’m the first driver. It’s never good to say: ‘you’re number one and you’re second’ ‘, a bitter echo can be heard in his Mercedes time.” But, “he continues,” I think it’s a naturally that my experience will allow me to take the lead. ”

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