Bow to second-hand buyers.  Allegro Smart!  in Allegro Lokalnie

Bow to second-hand buyers. Allegro Smart! in Allegro Lokalnie

When I opened an account on Allegro more than 19 years ago, this portal was mostly related to the sale of used items, and I decided to use it because I had to sell a printer. Over the years, the platform has changed and although its character has changed a lot, becoming an online market of many businesses and many branches, the foundations on which everything was built have not been forgotten. In 2019, Allegro Lokalnie appeared as a response to the unmarked interest in selling used items. However, I used it myself, buying a trainer, so that I don’t have to be cold.

At Allegro Lokalnie you can find literally everything, and according to research conducted by SW Research on behalf of Allegro Lokalnie, in 2021 the purchase of furniture and electronics is very popular. There were also people ready to buy clothes or books. Now shopping can be easier thanks to free shipping as part of Allegro Smart!. This service works successfully on the platform and is highly appreciated by customers. In a customer satisfaction survey, Allegro Smart! it ranked 92, which is one of the highest in the world among NPS surveys.

How does it work? It is enough to have an active Allegro Smart service! to your account, which costs only PLN 49 for 12 months. During the sale, you can order for free at the parcel machines when you shop in a few minutes. PLN 40 from one seller. On the other hand, frequent sellers with a regular account, with Allegro Smart !, can publish ads with the option of free delivery and send up to 8 packages free of charge to the parcel locker. Advertisements are marked as “Smart!”, which will make them easy to find. The offer runs until June 30, 2022, so if you have any shopping plans, now is the time to do it.

The material was created in collaboration with Allegro.