Brand New Cadillac: 317 years of rock experience

Brand New Cadillac: 317 years of rock experience


LEUSDEN The Leusden Brand New Cadillac rock band has been around for 30 years. This will be celebrated with a blast show at Fort33 on Saturday 7 March. “We look forward to selling this hall for the third time in our history,” said baseman Jan Willem van Wijk. “But it must be a celebration. For the public and for us.”

Daan Bleuel

Singer / guitarist Boudewijn van Wijk is outraged when he starts the choir of one of the former band’s singers: ‘The last dance with Mary Jane, once more than killing pain. I feel like summer is coming and I am tired of this city again ‘. Jan van der Horst ripped the early evening to pieces with a solo on his harmonica. The windows in the field warehouse in the beautiful rural part of Leusden are screaming at their discounts. Last weekend ‘Ciara’ fled the streets of Leusden. Now it’s invading in here. Rock & Roll with the power of hurricanes. As it should. As tribute to Tom Petty, Rolling Stones and everyone else in rock & roll history.

[VERJAARDAGSFEESTJE] Brand New Cadillac gets steam. The acceleration pedestrian is now very discouraged. ‘Brown Sugar’ by The Stones is thrown raw in the gym for more than 100 deserts. Flip Mijzen – with inevitable sunglasses – hits the hammer painfully on his drum device. Its now gray-gray mouse head shifts to the driving rhythm whose sticks come out of the drum device. John Hijmering stretches his Telecaster threads heavily while making special noises. We get free grimaces for free. Jan Willem van Wijk delivers much-needed structure on his bass guitar. It looks delicious! The practice already brings great anticipation to the birthday party, in early March at Fort33.

The birthday band celebrates the anniversary of the great musical performance at Fort33

The band looks ready. These musicians know their repertoire so well that they play songs well and flawlessly. Experience, but also comfortably visible. “Now we can draw from a reserve of about 200 songs ”, says lead guitarist John Hijmering. The result of three decades of great cooperation. “We had a great time in Leusden,” says Flip Mijzen. ,, An unchanging group of enthusiastic, good people. I would like to celebrate with them on March 7 at Fort33. I hope they are all back. “

[ZELFDE SAMENSTELLING] Brand New Cadillac celebrates its 30th anniversary, “and largely in the same composition! ”, Jan Willem van Wijk without pride. “It’s sad, yes ”, complains John Hijmering after him jokingly. Others may laugh at it. And that’s okay. Only Jan van der Horst (harmonica, slide guitar, keys, sound) joined the band (many) later. “We are together for 317 years ”, says John Hijmering when old age is mentioned. This brings the average age of musicians towards the legal limit for retirees. But at the moment there are no plans to quit.

The first friends were during a crowded session at the old ‘De Geut’ youth center (at the end of Zwarteweg, roughly where the new Afas building is now under construction). There, incoming talents could show what they could do during the ‘open stage’. “It was a mess,” Flip Mijzen recalls. “It simply came to our notice then. At one point, Jan Willem and Boudewijn used numbers from the Stones. A song I knew. Then I started to dance. And it started to run. There was really a click at the time. “

[PUDDINGPROEVEN] The group played together for the first time when Frits Ringers – then a young employee and co-founder of the Leusden ‘Puddingpop’ pop festival – was looking for a band for a useful show. For the so-called ‘Pudding tasting’ money had to be raised in order to bring great deeds to Puddingpop. Flip: ,, Frits asked me if I knew any musicians with whom we could get an occasional upbringing together. At the same time, I also got to know John Hijmering during a square ceremony where he played the guitar. “

The four read about seven songs on a rainy Saturday afternoon and held on immediatelyThe four practiced about seven songs on a rainy Saturday afternoon. “From Stones and other bands ”, Mijzen recalls. “And that was done immediately. Soon the tent was turned upside down. We did it again a year later. We had a reputation back then. If possible, the success was even greater. , for example from JUID (young people from the South who had De Woelige Hoek as their home base). “

[VINCE TAYLOR] The group took the name ‘Brand New Cadillac’ from The Clash song. ,, Although? It’s really Vince Taylor’s song ”, corrects Boudewijn van Wijk. The youth band used De Geut as a rehearsal space. “Those evening evenings increased more and more,” says Jan Willem. “Sometimes it was three or four o’clock in the morning. That really happened! “

After De Geut, various gymnasiums inside and outside Leusden were inspected. At Bram Pater on the Asschatterweg (on Pater land, the famous autocross race on Queen’s Day was held for many years) the band set up a gym and contents on discarded mattresses. The band especially remembers the strong smell of the time: “That pig smell, it could not come out!”

[SPULLEN VERZAMELD] The band has been practicing in the area where it is now for two years now, also in the barn. “We practice here.” Jan-Willem points to a room that is separated from the rest of the barn by two walls. Shelves are made on the walls where some of the band instruments are kept. “We’ve got a lot of stuff in those 30 years. We don’t have to carry them with us all the time,” says Jan Willem with a laugh. Then seriously: “No, this is better. Our stuff is ready.

The band can now look back on an interesting career. Boudewijn van Wijk: ,, I think the most highlighted thing was our performance as an act of support for the Golden Ring during the Puddingpop commemorative edition. We played more on Earring equipment. In front of 2,000 people. We had a great sound, thanks in part to the sound engineer Taco Peut and his friend. Congratulations! ” Only drummer Flip Mijzen came out on top. “Cesar Zuiderwijk’s dance set was on a special stage. But Flip was not allowed to go there! His dance set was just on stage with us, behind the band.

[GROTE NAMEN] Brand New Cadillac shared the platform with some of the biggest names, including ‘Within Temptation’ and ‘Van Dik Hout’. Additionally, the band played all over the Netherlands on stages large and small from Ermelo, Boxmeer and the Twente areas to Eindhoven. “I remember we had to play somewhere in this area and that interesting picture warned us ”, says Jan van der Horst. “This is not an easy audience, but if they accept you, your money is bought,” said the man. “When they have a good time, they take off their shirts.” This phenomenon was called ‘Bare buuk’n’. And yes, over time the more and more shirts came off. It was a wonderful evening. ”

I think there were two gangs of opposing cars that created a horrible environmentThe band has a few memorable performance records at the Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts conference. “I think there were two rival gangs of cars and that created a horrible situation,” Flip Mijzen recalled. ,, At one point, a number of those men in leather jackets came and stood in front of the stage with their backs to us. To protect us. We were so happy to be able to leave again! ” Another down-to-earth thing – but of a completely different layout – was a show in Achterveld. “We already had some popularity in Leusden, but it almost stopped at the border ”, says Jan van der Horst. “We played three songs at De Moespot for three people.”

[BRAAF] Still, making music for a semi-professional band has been something that men did on the side. “We are the most requested band that said ‘no’ often ”, Flip Mijzen gives a brief overview of the environment. “We all had a lot of work to do,” said John Hijmering, “and we’ve always been very good.” “We are all still married to the beauty and love of our first love. It’s not what you call ‘rock & roll’.”

The band has been playing the songs of others all along. “But in his own way ‘insists John Hijmering. “We can not cover it in the traditional sense of the word, it must be our own thing.” And we have always been motivated to be better. We are left to fend for ourselves ”, Flip Mijzen adds.

[CHEMIE] “We didn’t really want to penetrate and earn a living from music,” said Jan Willem van Wijk. “But I dreamed in secret,” adds Boudewijn van Wijk quickly. “Chemistry in the band is the thing ”, analyzes John Hijmering. ,, Whether you are virtuoso or not; You need each other. ”, ‘Brand New Cadillac is more than just the sum of its parts,’ ‘says Flip Mijzen.

“Would you all like to look at that part on the ceiling later.” The band members seem surprised, but then do what the director asks from them. The photographer paying close attention to the picture. The band is making a music video to celebrate 30 years since its inception. It should look good soon. Because it should be a good celebration on March 7!

Tickets for the lustrum festival on Saturday 7 March can be ordered at Fort33 († Tickets cost 7.50 in advance and 10 euros at the door.
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