Brandon Cronenberg’s new film will be available exclusively for viewers …

Brandon Cronenberg’s new film will be available exclusively for viewers …

David Cronenberg’s son’s latest film, “Infinity Pool”, has received an NC-17 age rating. This means that only viewers over the age of eighteen will be able to see it. However, the company that makes the film NEON, which intends to appeal the decision of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), does not agree with this category.

Brandon Cronenberg, who delighted the audience with his previous film “Possessor”, has been compared to his father David since the beginning of his career. All thanks to the same style of his films. Now there is more comparison. David Cronenberg’s rich career also featured in a film with an NC-17 age rating. It was a 1996 crash: Dangerous Desire.

Limiting the audience to an adult audience usually significantly reduces the chances of box office success. Therefore, the authors of films that receive the category NC-17 often decide to cut the most controversial pieces from them so that they can receive a lower group – R. This is what happened recently with the film “Spiral: New”. Chapter of the Saw Series”. Its writers had to rework it eleven times to get the lower age category.

According to the website “The Playlist”, the reason why the movie “Infinity Pool” was rated NC-17 is because of the violence and sexual content. The producer of Cronenberg’s film, NEON, which intends to appeal, disagrees with this classification. However, this claim is expected to be rejected. Cronenbergs theme in their work is a ready recipe for the highest society.

The heroes of “Infinity Pool” are James and Em, a couple of lovers who are just on vacation. The rest they use provides the best comfort. Outside its borders, however, there are dangerous but interesting places – we read in the official description of the plot of Cronenberg’s film. It stars Mia Goth (“X”), Alexander Skarsgård (“Wiking”) and Thomas Kretschmann (“The Pianist”).

“Infinity Pool” is the second title released recently in the NC-17 category. The first is “The Blonde” about Marilyn Monroe. However, in the case of a movie that goes straight to streaming, the senior age category is less restrictive. (PAP Life)

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