Bremen television awards for NDR state program “Nordmagazin” – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Bremen television awards for NDR state program “Nordmagazin” – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Hamburg (ots) – NDR reporter Frank Breuner is responsible for his “Nordmagazin” contribution “Kirakosyan: a deceiver or a messenger of Putin?” he was awarded the Bremen Television Award in the category “Best Investigative Research”. This is considered the definitive recognition for regional television programs in Germany and was released on Friday, November 4, at the broadcasting station of Radio Bremen. NDR was nominated in this category with three contributions. The award-winning contribution was shown on March 29 on NDR television.

Gordana Patett, Editor-in-Chief at NDR Landesfunkhaus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: “This is also an award for our entire research team, which attracted attention throughout the country this year with excellent investigative reports.”

The case of Gayane Kirakosian is part of a whole series of investigative research from the state radio station in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The country’s relationship with controversial economic projects with Russia over the past decade has kept the Politics and Research editorial team busy for months. The Nord Stream pipeline and the controversial climate protection framework for the completion of the second gas route have caused an international uproar. In addition to the historically developed image of Russia, should a targeted influence on politics be achieved? This was the focus of research on Gayane Kirakosjan, who has also been operating in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania under two other names over the past decade, almost unnoticed by the public. In the autumn of 2021, he almost entered the state parliament as an alternative to the SPD. NDR’s posts have undoubtedly caused him to withdraw. Writer Frank Breuner carefully followed Kirakosyan’s activities in the political sphere, revealed the connections and connections established. These effects led to the peak of government politics. Siebrand Siegert and André Keil were editors at the NDR Landesfunkhaus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The Bremen Television Award is presented by Radio Bremen on behalf of ARD, and has been in existence since 1974. In addition to ARD presenter Frank Plasberg, the jury includes Clare Devlin (journalist for WDR), Gesa Eberl (presenter at n. -tv and RTL), Hans Helmich (editor at Deutsche Welle and media trainer), Andreas Jölli (writer for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation in Berlin and lecturer in journalism) and Birgitta Weber (head of the department of within SWR, editor-in-chief of the ARD political magazine “Report Mainz”, lecturer of management seminars at Stuttgart Media University).

The article can be seen at The case of Kirakosjan in MV: What did Manuela Schwesig know? | – News – Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (,kirakosjan202.html)

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