Brief police reports from the German border area (Update)

Brief police reports from the German border area (Update)

Photo: Catharina Glazenburg

GERMANY – Below you will find police reports from the German border area. If you witnessed any of these incidents, please contact the police.


Last night / this morning between 2.54 and 10.14 a driver ended up on the left shoulder near Marderweg in Meppen for unknown reasons. He was driving towards the Dachsweg at the time. The car hit a rock and then went over a wooden post. The pole was dragged about 100 meters. The police are looking for him.


Between Tuesday 12:00 and Thursday 12:30, a toilet building was destroyed at the marina on Ölmühlenweg in Papenburg. Money was also stolen. Police are asking for witnesses to come forward.


In an accident on the B70, near Hermann-Kemper-Straße in Lathen, a 47-year-old driver suffered life-threatening injuries at 12.53 this afternoon. The accident occurred when a 74-year-old driver turned left and passed the car in front of him. At the same time, the 47-year-old victim also steered his Hyundai car to the left to pass the 74-year-old man. His car ended up on the side of the road, after which the car overturned. He was caught and freed from his car by the Lathen fire brigade and then rushed to hospital in Meppen. The 74-year-old man fell into the guardrail and was not injured. The B70 in the northbound direction was temporarily closed at the height of the accident.