Brief report on May 26, 2023 from the Oberpfalz police

Brief report on May 26, 2023 from the Oberpfalz police

Robbery in a supermarket in the east of the city – On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, previously unknown criminals attacked a supermarket in the east of the city. The Regensburg criminal police are investigating.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, May 25, 2023, unknown criminals previously broke a window in the Erbprinz-Franz-Joseph-Strasse department store and stole alcohol and cosmetics, among other things, from the sales room. The amount of damage to the loot is not yet known. The Regensburg criminal police found evidence and are continuing with further investigations. Relevant information please call 0941/506-2888.

Hit a Skoda in a supermarket parking lot – On May 25, 2023, a 22-year-old car driver parked his red Skoda in the customer car park at the Aldi branch on Dieselstrasse. When he returned to his car 30 minutes later, he noticed feed damage to the rear bumper. The person who caused the accident left the scene of the accident without permission and the girl from Hahnbach is left with a loss of approximately 1,500 euros. Information is requested for the police inspection Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

A tractor with a trailer is traveling very fast – The police are investigating a 37-year-old tractor driver for violating the Compulsory Insurance Act because on May 25, 2023 he drove his team too fast on the B 299. His trailer was given a so-called duplicate license number and released him from the need for registration on the condition that he will only drive at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. However, the speed determined by the police patrol was 50 kilometers per hour and therefore the trailer had to be re-registered, which must go hand in hand with compulsory insurance. The person responsible will have to pay a fine.

The e-scooter driver had drunk alcohol – The driver of the e-scooter was checked in traffic in Burglengenfeld around 10 pm on Thursday. During the inspection, the officers discovered the usual failure to drink alcohol in a 51-year-old woman from Burglengenfeld. A test of the road user’s fitness to drive, which was carried out using a breath alcohol test, confirmed the suspicion. A blood test was ordered for the woman and further travel was prohibited. A complaint will be filed against the road user.

A cyclist collides with oncoming traffic A 40-year-old cyclist had a big guardian angel near Rodenzenreuth on Thursday evening. The man was traveling around 6pm with his pedelec on the district road between Schurbach and Rodenzenreuth when he lost control on the right corner, probably because of the speed, so he ended up in the oncoming lane, and there with an oncoming Fiat car A 61-year-old woman’s car collided. In the head-on collision, the man was thrown into the windshield and then onto the car.

The man suffered moderate injuries from the violence, so he was taken to a nearby hospital by rescue helicopter for treatment. During a routine check of the man’s ability to drive, it was finally found that he had been drinking, which is why the criminal charges for endangering the traffic on the road are now pending against him. Material damage amounts to approximately 5500 euros. The Fiat driver was not injured. Fortunately, the cyclist was wearing a bicycle helmet, which probably saved him from more serious injuries. Here again it is urgently stated that the police strongly recommend wearing a suitable bicycle helmet at all times when riding a bicycle, as this can protect against serious injuries or even save lives in such accidents.

Two police officers are injured in a family dispute Due to a dispute between the brothers, the police patrol was called to mediate around 7:30 pm Thursday evening. While trying to resolve the dispute, one of the brothers, who was very confused and clearly drunk, proved to be very irrational and violent from the start. Although the sent patrol forcefully tried to defuse the situation, the 39-year-old man became violent and physically assaulted the officers. The officers involved suffered external injuries. With the help of other forces, the man was finally overwhelmed and at worst stopped.

Due to the danger to others, from which the person who was apparently in a state of mental danger, came out, he was admitted to a special clinic for treatment, accompanied by the police and the rescue service. Additionally, criminal investigations into physical harm and resistance to law enforcement officers were initiated. It should also be noted that the officers who were sent were able to continue their work despite their injuries.

Road accidents and property damage – There was a traffic accident on Obere Regenstrasse around 12:15 pm yesterday. The 57-year-old drove his VW Touran along Straubinger Strasse and wanted to go straight to Obere Regenstrasse. Meanwhile, the 41-year-old drove a Suzuki Swift from Fuhrmannstrasse towards Janahofer Strasse. When he was already on the Obere Regenstraße, the driver of the Touran suddenly drove off and hit the right side of the Suzuki. Property damage of around €11,000 was done. No one was injured.

Heavy traffic triggers height control – Once again, on May 25, 2023, around 05:40 a.m., heavy traffic caused height control on the Prüfingen area of ​​the BAB A93 in FR Munich and thus caused a complete blockage of the carriageway for approximately 15 minutes. Patrol additional from the VPI Regensburg found that the large Italian transport had exceeded the maximum height allowed for the special permit and stopped the journey on the site in the emergency bay. After being given a new permit by the authority responsible for the transport, it was able to continue its journey through the tunnel under conditions and escorted by the police. The driver also paid fines in the mid-three-digit range.

Bicycle stolen – On Thursday, May 25, 2023, between 5:30 pm and 5:50 pm, the following bicycle helmet and bicycle were stolen on the west side of Lake Guggenberger See, near the surfing school: Bulls e-bike, type 500, gray / green The bicycle was parked with a bicycle lock. The total damage to the loot is approximately 1500 euros. PI Neutraubling accepts information about the crime on Phone: 09401-9302-0.

Road accident with two injuries – On Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 4:20 pm, a 56-year-old driver drove his car on the SAD 14 district road from Bruck and wanted to continue towards Waldhaus-Einsiedel. At the intersection with B 85, ​​a truck from Roding was ignored, so there was a collision at the intersection. The 56-year-old driver and the 40-year-old truck driver were taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. While the truck was still in motion, the truck had to be removed by a towing company. The total material damage is estimated at around 50,000 euros. The local fire brigade was called to contain the leaking oil and control traffic.

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