British Airways has “borrowed” four Finnair planes

British Airways has “borrowed” four Finnair planes

In view of the expected increase in air travel demand, British Airways has decided to temporarily contract four Finnair Airbus A321 aircraft. The acquired machines will operate on behalf of the British carrier on 24 routes, including to Krakow.

Western aviation is experiencing a real renaissance after the coronavirus pandemic. Thirsty for sunshine and relaxation, tourists flocked to Europe’s airports, so airlines (including British Airways) began to explore the possibility of rapidly increasing their offer to increase profits and meet market demand. The situation is different in the east, where the war in Ukraine has lost the hope of many carriers for the rapid construction of passenger traffic.

One of the “victims” of the closed airspace in the east of the continent is the airline Finnair, which has had to make drastic cuts in its network of connections. The state of the industry and the uneven pace of market regeneration have encouraged European carriers to establish many partnerships for mutual benefit. For example, British Airways, which complains about the lack of aircraft, has started a partnership with Finnair, which complains about the unused capacity of its fleet. In this way, this year’s holiday season passengers will meet dozens of British Airways flights, which will be operated by Finnair.

The British decided to temporarily buy four Finnair Airbus A321 planes that can take up to 209 passengers. Along with the machines, the carrier also contracted Finnish pilots and cabin crew. The first two copies started their service abroad a few days ago. Others will join in June this year. and will operate on behalf of British Airways at least until 30 July 2022.

During this period, the Airbus A321 aircraft in Finnair livery will regularly appear on the British carrier’s routes from London Heathrow to 24 European cities, including Krakow. In addition, Finnish Airbus A321 aircraft will visit, among others, Porto, Valencia, Marseille, Vienna, Prague and Oslo.