Brodek and the closest album.  “Sadza” mini album is now available

Brodek and the closest album. “Sadza” mini album is now available


On Friday, October 28, Brodka’s long-awaited album had its premiere. Sootbecause this is the title of the mini-album, it is the artist’s first production in Polish in twelve years.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brodka is back. And it’s in Polish! It is true that now at the end of October, one day after the PREMIERE of the whole album in the original language, this is not the latest news, because the audio on the production of the Polish audio appeared at the end of June, together with the premiere of the single that Soot.

June Soot it did not have time to cool down properly, and a few months later Brodka gave the audience another novel. It was Monicawhich premiered in early October. If anyone expected one similar to the previous one – unfortunately they were wrong. Monica It’s definitely more fun and kind of lighter than Carbon black. The same applies to the video of this song. Bright, colorful frames and snippets of young life as well as disturbing black and white clips. carbon black – quite the opposite.

As you can read below the video on YouTube, Monica:

It is an emotional, romantic journey through youth, madness and first love. The way of youth and ignorance, with the praise and glory of what is young in us and should remain in us forever. Life is not always about meaning and logic.

And Brodka himself commented on the song:

Sometimes I miss those years of carefree things, when you don’t think about the consequences and choices are made only by heart. “Monika” is an ode to youth and wild times of exploration, where free will wins over logic. I invited two wonderful young people in love, Bartek and Zosia, to participate in the clip. Thanks for letting me put them up close on camera. Let this love last forever!

Sootthat’s Brodek in Polish again

But these songs are only a small part of the whole album, two out of seven songs to be exact Carbon black. He is responsible for production 1988we can tell from the two They have. If someone does not know this producer, let me write a few words about him – everything that comes from the hands of Mr. 1988 has an unearthly atmosphere. And it’s no different with this little album. And with Brodka, who wrote the lyrics himself – 22 and a half minutes of an amazing journey. One that you don’t want to leave, and when the recording is over, you turn it on again. We can also hear the guest on the disc Dead Wasp in Water therapywhich is the last piece on the album.

Soot is the most intimate album from Monika. The author himself says that he gained artistic experience while working on the EP the priest, because in the albums that have been released so far, he appeared under the guise of legendary characters. That was not the case with this album – there are remnants of confessions and private messages in the songs. Monika sings for herself, about herself and what she feels, so the lyrics should be written in her native language. And very good, because it is from the Polish language Grandy (which, by the way, is one of those albums that never gets old) has been twelve years.

Seven exciting songs

Soot it starts with a song For swimming. The soft voice of the artist goes well with the beautiful music which – like the wild river mentioned in the text – captivates the listener, swim to places unknown. Below is unknownbecause there was no such Monika Brodka yet.

The second piece is This is winterwho like For swimming it begins quietly and gently. It becomes more lively and faster in time, and repeats the lines: You burned my passion until spring / Waste is winter make you fall into a dream. Brodek, however, does not finish the second song quickly – slowly decreases to finish the piece calmly.

This peace does not last long, however, because the next one has already been mentioned Soot. In the case of this song, it is even necessary to use it together with the music video, because the third song on the EP is an audio-visual experience. The two words of Fr. Carbon black: restless and cold. Of course the positive ones.

Loss that’s half the record. The short track, clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, is possibly the strongest track on the album. Repeated lines accelerate the pace, Brodka’s voice, which sometimes does not resemble him normal voiceand the background sounds only add to the impact of the song being played. Also in You will lose Brodka did the same with w Such is winter – the last words are sung without music, only an echo that repeats Monika’s words, mixing the fourth song.

Later, the weather changes a little again, because it’s time to Monica. In comparison with the other six z Carbon black it’s more of a summer and holiday song. Definitely a nice and light song, but it can’t be compared to Brodka’s previous Polish albums. You can hear that in everyone – even in this one lighter piece – he dipped his irreplaceable toes in 1988.

The penultimate piece has already been mentioned Water therapy with the dead Wasp. Here again we give up on the weather from the previous piece. We are entering a darker, shakier climate again. After a minute and a half, Osa joins Brodka. And here is the shock. About a year ago, if someone asked if I thought of the Zdechły Osa-Brodka duo, I would have preferred to shake my head. But after Water therapy? Oh fate, I pray for more pieces born of this combination! In my opinion, the best song Carbon black.

The time has come for the last piece, the shortest, ie Outro. And here is a surprise, because it is a closed piece from Brodka’s famous song – There was a weddingwho will turn 16 this year. Outro it’s like entering a room that was previously used many times and often, and years later someone has done a major renovation and you seem to know the room, but not at all. You get to know again what is theoretically known. At the beginning we hear a noise as if from a turntable, Monika’s slow voice and repeated words: No one saw my tears, it was raining. All this fits perfectly with the aura we have outside the windows.

Soot, which is very clean

Compared to previous releases from Brodka, Soot it’s from a whole different galaxy. Maybe it is because Monika returned to her native language after a long time. He certainly did a lot for this album, too, because together with the artist they complement each other perfectly, creating something that will not be quickly forgotten. Thick and heavy sounds indicate that Brodek does not stop. He is always searching and discovering new musical lands, or – if you prefer – wander to places unknown and it works very well for him. It was also great to hear Osa in a dance with Brodka, because it showed how seemingly different musical worlds can be surprisingly connected. And perhaps the most important issue – Brodek Color Carbon black he is himself and he can feel and hear.

I don’t think I expected such a good thing, although I always respected and loved Monika. But Soot It just confirmed to me that Monika Brodka is an artist with a capital “A”.