Brokerage that halted withdrawal charges BRL 107 million from “Bitcoin Jesus”

Brokerage that halted withdrawal charges BRL 107 million from “Bitcoin Jesus”

In a document published last Monday (23), the Genesis subsidiary charges R$ 107 million (US$ 20.9 million) from Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for evangelizing Bitcoin in its early days.

In short, GGC International Ltd. claims that the amount refers to the negotiations that have not been closed, after their expiration on December 30 last year. About the parent company, the Genesis declared bankruptcy Last Friday (20).

Therefore, this can be a measure for the company to be able to recover financially while its creditors are waiting for a solution. The biggest name affected by Genesis’ bankruptcy was Gemini, the brokerage owned by the Winklevoss brothers.

Roger Ver was accused of failing again

This is not the first time that Roger Ver has been accused by a brokerage company. In June of last year, CoinFlex claimed to be “Jesus do Bitcoin” gave them a debt of R$221 million. On that date, the brokerage even withheld money from some clients due to insolvency. Ver denied the allegations at the time.

Now it is the turn of the brokerage associated with the bankrupt Genesis to launch similar charges, saying that Ver owes R$ 107 million for the unsuccessful negotiations.

The owner of, Roger Ver came under fire from the community when he tried to advertise Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as real Bitcoin in 2017, using his website’s strong domain to trick the most common people.

Moreover, his bet on BCH also failed. Although it threatened BTC during its launch, BCH has already lost 98.72% against BTC since then, which is still a joke among investors.

“This is cruelty”commented Cobra, responsible for the website when he found out “Roger Ver once had 400,000 BTC at one point.” Today that amount will be equal to R$ 47 billion.

Regarding his debts and brokerage, it is difficult to know what the negotiations were, but it is possible that they are related to Bitcoin Cash.

Until the end of this issue, Roger Ver did not comment publicly on the case accusing him of R$ 107 million.

Bitcoin’s recent rally can be attributed to the Genesis crash

Although another possible bankruptcy was worrying the market, the revelation of the truth ended up helping Bitcoin. Last Friday (20), shortly after Genesis filed for bankruptcy, BTC hit 8.7% on the same day.

So the market seemed happy to turn another page, as was the case with FTX. Now, it is up to us to follow how this transmission will go.

One of the biggest concerns is the other companies of Digital Currency Group (DCG), the parent company of Genesis, but the bankruptcy process seems to protect them. Another big one to keep an eye on is Gemini, especially for The SEC will also monitor the case closely.