‘Brooklyn’ Film Scene Shot In Connecticut: CT News

‘Brooklyn’ Film Scene Shot In Connecticut: CT News

Connecticut’s extensive film industry has been bolstered by a recent influx of big-budget productions such as Brooklyn, a romantic drama starring Saoirse Ronan that was shot in locations throughout the state. The film, which is based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Colm Tóibín and tells the story of an Irish immigrant who moves to Brooklyn in the 1950s, was partially filmed in various locations throughout Connecticut.

The on-location shoots in Connecticut included scenes filmed in both Greenwich and New Haven. Greenwich was home to the exterior of the main character’s apartment building and the surrounding streets, while New Haven hosted scenes depicting the interior of the apartment, as well as additional locations throughout the city.

The decision to shoot in Connecticut was due to the state’s abundance of period-accurate locations and its generous tax incentives, which were attractive to filmmakers. Connecticut’s film tax credit provides a 25 percent tax credit for production costs incurred in the state, and is available to productions of all sizes. This tax credit has been instrumental in attracting a number of large-budget films to the state, including Brooklyn.

The production team behind Brooklyn was able to take advantage of the tax incentive and the abundance of period-accurate locations throughout the state to create a unique atmosphere for the film. The production crew worked diligently to ensure that the locations chosen were authentic to the time period in which the movie is set, and the results speak for themselves.

The success of Brooklyn in Connecticut is indicative of the state’s growing reputation as a film-friendly destination. With its generous tax incentives and vast array of period-accurate locations, Connecticut is quickly becoming a preferred destination for filmmakers looking to capture a unique atmosphere and take advantage of cost savings associated with shooting in the state.